The Importance of Having a Stable Job – Benefits of Job Security

Having a stable job or career is important if you want to become an independent woman.  If you’ve a stable job, you won’t have to embarrass yourself from always asking your parents, friends, and other people for help.

You can also buy anything you want, spend in whatever way you would like to spend, and live and shape your life the way you want it to be.

Aside from being your lifeblood and source of income (unless you’re an heiress like Paris Hilton), having a stable job also means being secured physically and financially.

Let’s face it; having a stable job is what keeps us from being beggars.  It’s also a way for us to reach our dreams and achieve success in life.

Finding a good and well-paying stable job is difficult, but all the more is staying in that job for say 5, 10, or 20 years.  Yet, it isn’t impossible. Been there, done that.

You can keep your job for a long-term period and get the benefits of job security if you just follow these five simple suggestions.

‘Love Your Job’, Read: ‘Embrace Its Value to You and to Society’

My advice to all the ladies out there’s to look for a job that you would really love.  Know your interests and find a job that can fit with your interests.  If you love to write, then being an editor or a writer would best suit you.

If you love fashion, then you can work in the fashion industry.  Or if you love business and economics, then make your way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Whatever kind of job can become a long-term one as long as you just love whatever you’re doing.  It’s important because your love for your job will help you get through the difficult times ahead of you.  When challenges and difficulties come your way, you won’t be easily disheartened and you won’t just easily give up.

Learn, Follow, and Quote Your Company’s Values

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The most common cause of a termination of an employee is usually because of grave disobedience to company rules and notorious negligence in following the company policies.

Your company won’t be really happy to have an employee who willfully disregards and disobeys its rules and policies.  The rules are there because they seek to provide a standard in the organization and management of the company.

They are for the smooth operation of the company.  Disobedience to such instructions could be fatal and can give damage to the company itself.

Learn to always follow these policies, because if not, I’m sure your employer would rather choose to lose you than to lose whatever profit the company would be making because of your disobedience.

Don’t Mix Business And Pleasure At Work

Mixing business and pleasure in the workplace may sound hot, but hold your reins; it’s really not a good idea if you want to have a long-term job.  Some companies even forbid romantic relationships with coworkers or officemates.

Rather than have a reputation for playing or sleeping around, you would rather want to be seen as a career-driven woman who’s serious with her work and isn’t just playing around with anyone.

It would really be better for you to focus your energies on work and maintain a friendly but professional relationship with everyone, rather than not be able to complete your tasks and responsibilities because you’re busy smooching with your officemate in the pantry.

Tread Carefully On Social Media 

Working in a law firm has made me encounter a lot of cases involving employers suing their employees because of different violations of the law.  Unless you want to be jobless and live behind prison bars, always follow the legal procedures in your company.

This includes not causing any misrepresentation and false statements in your reports and paperwork, not misappropriating and stealing the company properties, and also not threatening or even seducing your boss just so he can promote you or give you a pay raise.

By sharing ‘harmless’ photo of a prototype or a newly designed marketing material, not yet approved or released, you may cause more damage for your company that you can imagine. This mishap will be hard to shake off.

Always Try to Learn New Skills

Employers like employees who are willing to learn new things and who show an aptitude for improvement.  Your boss would appreciate it if you ask questions to clarify unclear points regarding your work, instead of just staring at him and giving a nod without even understanding what it’s he or she is saying.

Once you show him or her that you’re eager to learn new things to improve your quality of work, your boss will be able to say that you’re indeed sincere and that you’re taking your work seriously.

Keeping your job is simple if you just know what needs to be done in the workplace.  Of course, you’ll have to take these suggestions seriously for it to really work out.  Just remember that work is work and play is play.

The workplace isn’t a teenager’s world.  This is very real; you’re no longer playing make-believe.

Any achievement (or failure) that you can accomplish with your work can greatly affect your career, and well, your future.

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