The Mechanics & Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to make a commitment work, it’s just not meant to be. It will be a frustrating feat, and no one will blame the more involved and more committed party if he or she cannot let the relationship go. After all, no matter how much you say that what you did (and gave, for that matter) is all in the name of love, investments will make you feel like you need to get something in return, and that is a fruitful, happy commitment.

Rebound Relationship Signs That Are Obvious

If you don’t get it, should you consider a rebound? The dilemma in a rebound relationship is that desperate people don’t recognize that they have trapped themselves inside it. They are stressed, and they want to have things that will make them happy at the soonest possible time. In this light, rebound relationship signs are unrecognized.

First rebound relationship sign— it comes faster than lightning

The first sign that you’ve entered a rebound relationship is this: your previous relationship (which you’ve been very committed to) has only been weeks ago. The reality is, you still have not moved on yet, but you really want to get it over with.

Others purposely enter a rebound relationship because it’s their way of moving on — be careful though because hearts are involved, and your rebound partner may be hurt once you drop the bomb that he or she is just a rebound.

Next rebound relationship sign – Expecting too much, getting too little

rebound relationshipOkay, it’s done, you’re there—you may or may not know that this is a rebound relationship you’re currently in, but you notice that your expectations are well over the skies. You expect your partner to be there when you ask him or her—immediately. You expect your current partner to make you the center of the universe. You expect too much.

This is natural since what you want is the better version of your previous commitment, but it doesn’t mean that these expectations are justified. A rebound relationship sign such as this one will make you more miserable because instead of gaining your hopes, you get disappointments.

The “feel good” rebound relationship sign – You act up in front of your ex

The moment your ex-lover enters a restaurant where you and your rebound are currently dating, you act up. You start showing displays of affection, and you make it a point that your previous lover sees them. This sign isn’t hard to miss because there’s a conscious effort on your side.

The only thing you’ll miss is the fact that you’re acting up too much. When overacting enters, your cover is blown and your previous lover will know that: a) you’re certainly in a poorly orchestrated rebound relationship, b) you’re acting up because you still have not moved on, and c) you’re doing the relationship either because you want him or her to notice you, or because you want revenge.

You’ll look desperate in the eyes of many, and you’re dragging your rebound in your misery.

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Rebound relationship sign that you cannot ignore – when the day is over

After all the acting up, getting all sweet and cheesy, you go home to an empty heart. The excitement of seeing your ex, and the joy in pretending you’re okay will wear off. The only thing left for you is to feel the pain that you’ve been trying so hard to put a mask on.

The moment the first drop of sad tears touches your cheeks, you’ll know right away that you’re not happy, and you’ll never be unless what you’ve is a genuine commitment. This is also the correct moment to think about making the correct decisions.

Will you end the rebound commitment, or will you carry on and make it real?

4 Most Common and Noticeable Rebound Relationship Signs4 Most Common and Noticeable Rebound Relationship Signs

So, it happened. You still love him, but you let him go. The breakup was on you, and you want him back. The only problem is he is already with someone else. You see him from time to time, and he often looks at you smug. And it hurts you, but again, you cannot do anything about it. Is the hope all lost? Wait! Don’t give up just yet. What if he is showing some very notorious rebound relationship signs?

That’s right, maybe your ex is just in a rebound relationship. If he is, then there’s a chance that you can be together again. But this is a dangerous endeavor because it involves another innocent party, so you’ve to trudge carefully.

Before that though, let us first discuss some of the most common and noticeable rebound relationship signs:

  1. Your ex went from newly single to newly taken, quite immediately after the breakup -Just three days after your breakup, he is seen to be dating a new girl. It might hurt you a lot, but relax. This is a very strong rebound relationship sign.

If you know your boyfriend, I mean ex, to be someone who was very dedicated to you, and if you know deep down that your relationship means a lot to him, how come he was suddenly dating another girl right away?

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  1. Here is what his friends will tell you, or others -His friends will tell you about the best rebound relationship signs. Why? It’s because his friends also know him, and they cannot help but release a few comments here and there if they think that he is with a rebound girlfriend.

Most of the time, his friends are also your friends, so if they offer you some intel, gladly accept it, but NEVER demand it.

  1. rebound relationship signs Those times he and his new girl saw you were scripted – Since the breakup and since he has gotten a new girl, how many times did you ‘accidentally’ see them? If you think those accidental bumpings have been too frequent, chances are they were planned.

If the places you’re bumping into each other are the places that the two of you often came to when you were still together, why is he bringing his new girl there? Maybe it’s to show you or to grab your attention.

  1. His online status – Be on the lookout for his status on Facebook and Twitter. If his posts are still sad, or maybe even bitter, chances are he is so not over you. It may hurt you to see that some posts will contain photos of his date with the new girl, but look closely: how often is he posting these? How does he look? How do his friends comment on the posts?

The thing here is although there are a bunch of rebound relationship signs, it doesn’t guarantee a getting-back-together scenario. Those rebound relationship signs are there for a simple purpose of giving you an idea of whether or not you still have a second chance at love, but don’t act on your desires! Remember that there’s an innocent girl that you might hurt in the process.

After reading into these signs, seek for a chance to talk to him, in a neutral place. And talk about how you still want him. If he rejects you, so be it; what matters is you tried.

And don’t get back with him unless he has dealt with his rebound relationship!

6 Rebound Relationship Signs to Watch Out For6 Rebound Relationship Signs to Beware Of!

Getting over a breakup can be a real heartbreaker.  In fact, it’s one of the events that women (and men) always dread.  However, what can be better than jumping on to the next relationship and getting over that nasty feeling of heartbreak?  Rebound relationships.  Sure, it must be the perfect opportunity, but is it the perfect solution to your aching heart?  Read on and find out some rebound relationship signs that might keep you thinking twice.

1. You’re desperate for attention, anyone’s attention

This rebound relationship sign says it all; you’ve had your share of a relationship gone so wrong that you immediately fell for someone who you think gives you more attention than what you were previously given.  You feel helpless about the situation, and you simply just need to satisfy your need for love.

2. You can’t part with your past

This must be one of the really obvious signs you can watch out for.  If you constantly bring up your ex into your conversation with any friends, your current boyfriend, or any people around you, that means you really have not gotten over your past.

3. The attraction is more on the physical aspect

Sure, you can’t immediately get attracted to and fall in love with someone without considering how one looks.  But if it stops there and you can’t seem to find any other reason to stay in that relationship, then that certainly is a rebound relationship sign.

4. You dream about getting back with your ex if he only makes one move that will sweep you off your feet just like he used to

Despite what you had to go through with your ex and how happy you may already feel with your new partner, you still feel that if your ex does one good thing for you, you’ll still get back together and be the couple that you’ve always dreamt of.

rebound relationship sign5. You’re not making an effort to make your new relationship work

This means you may be happy with your current relationship, but you don’t spend time to make it even better for both of you.  You’re happy simply because you know you’re not alone and that you’ve a hand to hold you when you need it.

6. You just have to be in a relationship

Plain and simple.  You can’t be single simply because your ex has already found a new partner.  You have to have a partner while waiting for the perfect match you’ve always wanted.  There’s no love involved; you’re simply passing time.

Before you take the plunge and enter into a new relationship, take some time off not for your ex, but for yourself.  Heartbreaks are painful yet inevitable.  You can take your time, cry, and feel miserable.  Let that feeling off your chest.  And then get up on your feet and think about how you can be better.  While rebound relationships are not automatically doomed to fail, it’s better to be careful with your heart than end up being broken more than you already were.

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