Toning Upper Arms: Lose The Flab Starting Today At Home [2020 Comprehensive Tutorial]

As with any in-depth discussion, let us start ours with the infamous DOT or Definition of Terms.

Flab – is a “not so intact” piece of flesh residing in a human body. It can also be referred to as saggy skin or loose skin. Medical experts suggest that having this flab is normal, especially for those who are aging, or becoming inactive.

Bat wings – are not the wings that Batman has. You’d be surprised at the number of women having these bat wings even though they hate it. These wings are, in fact, flab found in the upper arm. Raising the arms will create an irritating bouncing motion of the flab, thus the name bat wings.

Irritation, embarrassment, and frustration – are feelings experienced by a person having bat wings. Since women are more fashion conscious than men, they are more likely to feel this set of bad emotions.

Toning upper arms – is the ultimate goal of this article. It will teach you how to get rid of the flab/bat wings, provided that you’ve determination as hard as steel.

The “toning the upper arms” basic skeleton

There are three main “chapters” in dealing with flabby arms—first is the acceptance that it’ll really happen naturally, so there’s no need to be too hard on yourself.

toning upper armsThe nature of aging

Aging affects hormones, thus affecting the ability to burn fat, not to mention it also affects activity—the older you get, the less active you become, meaning the less fat you burn. And as we age, the tendency for the lean muscles is to decrease; the fatty tissues, on the other hand, increase.

Getting over the blame game is important for you to have a jumpstart on toning upper arms.

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Lose the flab!

The second part is about losing weight. Remember this: no matter how much effort you put into toning the upper arms, it’ll be put to waste if there are layers of fat trying to hide it. Another thing: don’t believe in target workouts for losing weight; it won’t work. It’s possible to tone muscles on a certain body part, but it isn’t plausible to lose fat on just a single part.

The solution: Lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week! It’s a healthy rate, and you can achieve it by allotting at least 150 minutes of workouts every week!

Of course, you should match it with a healthy diet that consists of fruits, veggies, protein, and less fat and sugar.

Develop the lean muscles!

And last but not least, the third frame in toning the upper arms is developing the muscles. After losing excess flab, you’ve to enhance the lean muscles available to make your arms look small and powerless.

Weight or resistance training concentrating on the arms will be the best choice. Examples of these workouts are push-ups, dips, and even planking. The third is a regular choice by many women because not only does it tone the arms; it also strengthens the core muscles. Planking is very easy to do:

Start in a push-up position with your palms flat on the floor; lift your whole body using your toes and palms as the ground support. Hold this position as long as you can. The moment that you feel the burn in your arms, you’ll know that it’s working its magic in toning the upper arms.

Since no equipment is needed, and it only demands a floor, starters choose planking.

There you’ve it, folks! The three-step formula in getting rid of the flabby arms, A.K.A., bat wings!

Toning The Arms That Jiggle All The Way!Toning The Arms That Jiggle All The Way!

If you’ve any of these characteristics: Girls who’ve bat wings, People who want to have stronger upper arms, People who qualify for any of the above-mentioned criteria and are too busy (or maybe you’ve all three), then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find the best workouts that can solve the problems with your jiggling arms! Toning the arms can be a tough job (especially if you’ve the unbearable bat wings), but with the motivation (usually to wear that stunning sleeveless dress) and correct approach, you’ll accomplish the task.

Crab Sit With Dip

Materials: Just a yoga mat (or any mat really)

Instructions: Start this workout in a sitting position with your knees bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be behind you, positioned under your shoulders and your fingers facing front. Slowly, so as not to strain a muscle, lift your butt off of the floor. Lift it as far as you can and hold the position for a few seconds before getting down to sitting again. One set of this workout is composed of 24 repetitions. You can perform two sets daily.

Reminder: For this workout to be effective, you must make sure that the power from lifting your butt will come from your arms, and not your hips.

Upper Arm Curls

Materials: Prepare small dumbbells weighing about 5 pounds.

Instructions: This toning-upper arm workout begins in a standing position. Your hands should be in front of your thighs while holding the dumbbells. Slowly lift your hands to the level of your shoulders. Hold that position for a few seconds before bringing your hands down. One set is composed of 20 repetitions, and you can perform 2 sets daily.

Reminder: To make this workout effective in toning the arms, make sure that your wrists don’t bend while lifting the dumbbells; doing so means that the power is coming from the wrists and not from your arms. If you’re not comfortable with the dumbbell weight, use the weight that suits you and just work your way up with the heaviness.

toning the armsYoga for the Arms

Materials: Just a regular mat, or of course, a yoga mat.

Instructions: Start with a plank position where your hands are flat on both sides of your chest. Slowly push yourself up to the point that your arms are straight. While looking up, lift your knees and thighs off of the ground while keeping your toes pointed. Hold this position for a few seconds until you feel the burn in your arms.

Reminder: Avoid lifting your butt in the process of pushing up; it means that more weight is transferred from your arms to your toes. When you do this, toning the arms becomes harder because fewer muscles in that area are enhanced.

All of these three exercises come with appealing guarantees. One is that they won’t bulk you up, and two, they will also increase your upper arm strength. Most women are scared of toning their upper arms in the fear that their arms will look like those of the gym guys on TV. Don’t fear though; it won’t happen if you do these exercises.

An important reminder: make sure that as you build toned muscles, your fat (or flab) is also worked out. If not, all your effort will be put to waste because those lean muscles will only hide behind the fatty deposits. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you subject yourself to a healthy diet and weight-losing workouts such as cardio—on top of the arm-toning routines mentioned in this article.

Tone your Arms and Tone them FastTone your Arms and Tone them Fast

Don’t you wish you could magically lose that arm flab so you can sport your new favorite dress?  The bad news is you can’t zap your arms overnight.  The good news is you can tone them fast enough using routines that are excellent for toning upper arms.  In case you’re just so eager to start, go right ahead and read on to find out about exercises that can easily sculpt and tone your arms.

Sit-Up Pullover

For this toning upper arm routine, you’ll need a pair of light dumbbells and a mat.  Lie down on your mat with your face up.  Bend your knees until you’ve your feet flat on the floor.  Slowly lift your head, shoulders, and back off the floor.  With each hand carrying a dumbbell, simultaneously stretch your arms forward as you lift your body to a curl.  Hold the position for a few seconds.  Slowly bring yourself to your original position and repeat the same routine as many times as you can.

Shoulder Press

This routine also needs a pair of dumbbells.  Your starting position is standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand.  Bend your elbows and bring both your hands up to your shoulder.  Lift your hands all the way up until you can reach up no more.  Hold that position while you’re keeping your shoulders down and your back straight.  Lower your arms to the original position after about 10 seconds and repeat the routine.

tone your armsBicep Curls

Just like the rest of the exercises above, this routine requiresa pair of weights so you can maximize the effects.  You can start with the light dumbbells and then you can gradually work your way up to weights that are heavier.  Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Hold the weights with your palms facing forward.  Lift your hands up to your shoulders, keeping your elbows to your sides.  Count a few seconds before you go back to your original position and then repeat.

Arm Circles

Really?  Yes, really.  Another great way to tone your arms is by doing arm circles – something you might have dreaded doing when you were a kid simply because it was no fun and just so boring.  Anyway, this is a very simple yet effective way to tone your arms, and the only requirement to get this routine accomplished is you.

Hold your arms straight out to your sides and just make circles.  You can start with small circles and work your way up to ‘creating’ bigger ones.  You can also do a variation by throwing in a pair of dumbbells for you to hold while making circles.  Reverse you direction and repeat as many times as you can.

These toning routines are great ways to banish that arm flab that makes you run for cover.  Not only are these going to make your arms toned and beautifully sculpted, but these will also keep your arms and shoulders strong – something that comes handy when a situation calls for it.

Toning Upper Arms: When You’re Not Batman, But You Have Bat WingsTank Top Troubles? Tone The Arms!

Tank tops are awesome. You can wear them on their own because they are bound to show your great shoulders, arms, and neck. Or you can wear it underneath a see-through shirt. When time calls for you to become sporty, a tank top becomes your official companion to jogging, yoga, or gym classes. You can even wear a tank top fashionably—you just need to mix and match with the correct bottom, shoes, and accessories.

Did I say tank tops are awesome? So, it’s no wonder that tank tops dominate a woman’s wardrobe.

But… what if you can’t wear tank tops? Mind you, it’s not because you cannot afford to buy one, but because you won’t look good in it. And you won’t look good in it not because you’re not pretty (duhhh) but because your upper arms refuse to cooperate. In other words, your upper arms are not toned and you’ve flab hanging.

Trouble.  It’s a good thing, though, that you’ve found this post. Because it’ll show you the best moves that can tone your arms! Presenting—

Simple moves to tone your upper arms!

Move number 1 is super easy; it’s called Bent Over Dumbbell Rows –

Materials: Dumbbells, just small ones you can carry by hand; they may weigh anywhere from 5-8 pounds.

Instructions: Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees, and then bend down to pick up the dumbbells. Hold them first at the level slightly lower than your knees; remember to maintain your “chest out” stance. Slowly lift the dumbbells by lifting your elbows to either side of you (by this, the dumbbells will seem like they are hanging on your sides). Maintain that position for a few seconds before bringing the bells down; again, maintain your “chest out” stance.

Did you feel the burn in your arms? That’s because the routine is developing your lean muscles—very effective for toning the upper arms!

The second workout move is called Overhead Arm Extensions; it’s even less complicated than the first move!

Materials: Again, with the dumbbells (at first, you’ll just use one!)

Instructions: While standing straight, pick up the dumbbell and hold it with both hands. Lift it over your head until your elbows are in line with your ears and the dumbbell is behind (but over!) your head. Now, slowly extend your arms over your head; the dumbbells will be right above your head.

Now, you may think that this is too easy for a “toning the upper arms” exercise, so why not increase the dumbbell weight?

tank topThe next toning-the-upper-arms exercise is perhaps the simplest but most rewarding because you’ll be carrying your whole weight. You guessed that right! It’s the infamous plank! It’s perfect because you won’t need any materials, and you can do it anywhere granted that the floor is flat (you might also want to use a yoga mat) and you’re wearing comfortable clothes!

Instructions: Start with a typical push-up position, face down, palms flat on the surface levelled on either side of your shoulders. Now, lift your body up until you reach a horizontally straight angle. The force of the lifting should come from your arms so it’s a must to keep your toes pointed. Keep this position as long as you can (you will surely feel your arms burning!). Repeat the procedure for up to 15 minutes.

For those who want to tone their abs, this routine movement is also perfect. Just remember to squeeze your tummy while lifting.

Do these workout movements daily and match it with a healthy diet and cardio. A few weeks from now, you’ll be wearing any tank top proud! And don’t forget, toning the upper arms is also great for you to develop arm strength!

Quick Tips to Tone your ArmsQuick Tips to Tone your Arms

Tone your upper arms.  I bet the moment you read that sentence you had visions of a sweaty you holding dumbbells and all sorts of weight flash through your now-hesitant brain.  Relax.  Although the typical routines involved in toning upper arms have something to do with the gym and weights, you don’t necessarily have to go through this same process.  The truth is there are so many things you do on a daily basis that can actually help eliminate that horrible arm flab and get your arms sculpted like you’ve always wanted.  Still a skeptic?  Read on and find out about these quick tips to tone your arms!

Squeeze the wheel

If you drive every single day, then your best option to toning your upper arms will be through this.  All you need to do is do some squeezing while sitting in traffic (your safest choice) or while driving around.  With your palms on the steering wheel following the 3 and 9 o’clock position, squeeze your hands inward and hold that position for about 20 seconds.  Repeat the squeezing sessions as often as you can to tone your arms.

tone your armsGet a grip

You seriously don’t have to run to the gym to carry some weights that promise to tone your arms.  If you’re a career woman who is always busy, you can simply look around you and grip something you can use as a weight.  If you sit all day on an office chair staring at your laptop, why not move away from your desk a bit and get some lifting done using your laptop?  You can either perform this sitting down or standing up.  Either way, make sure you’re at an upright position, and then you can start lifting your laptop up and down or sideways.  Repeat the routine as many times as you can.

Swing it

Are you just sitting down on a bench waiting for your kid to finish playing with your neighbor’s kids?  Get some swinging done.  I’m sure there are plenty of monkey bars around.  Nobody said these are just for kids.  If you’re stuck babysitting, try some swings or pull-ups to shape up and tone your arms.  This should help all the muscles you’ve in your shoulders and arms.  This should be a fun adventure for you and your kid.

Have fun at the pool

No one can argue the amazing benefits of swimming.  If you’re a pool or a beach person, then this is definitely a fun way to tone your upper arms.  Not only are you having fun doing what you love doing, but you’re also getting those muscles toned and sculpted.  If you’re not a very good swimmer, you can also do some deck presses.  Stay in the shallow part of the pool and place your hands on the sides of the pool for support.  Use your arms to lift your body until your feet no longer touch the ground.  Lower your body, focusing on your arm strength to do the job.  Repeat the routine to tone your upper arms and enhance your chest area.

You should try these out and find out for yourself how effective these tips are.  I’m sure you’ll love them.

Tips to Fight the Nasty Arm FlabGet Rid of Arm Flab!

Do you remember a day in your life when sleeveless outfits dominated your wardrobe? Those were the days when you couldn’t help but flaunt your slim and toned arms. How long ago was that? Now, I’m absolutely sure that you remember the day when you woke up, faced the mirror, and noticed that your once beautiful arms were starting to sag. No big deal. You thought it would pass.

You thought wrong.

The frustration

Now, each shower will be followed by remorse because your arms did not go back to its fabulous state. And what’s worse? You have no idea how to tone it back!

Don’t feel that bad, though. Flabby arms are not entirely your fault. In fact, it’s because of the changes occurring as we age. And, with the right amount of perseverance, toning the upper arms is more than just possible.

Before moving on to that part, however, let’s first discuss the cause of flabby arms.

Cause of flabby arms or bat wings

According to medical experts, aging is one of the major causes of flabby arms. First, it’s because the lean muscles naturally decrease as you age and the fat deposits increase. The second reason is because of the hormones and third is due to inactivity. The more you age, the less active you become and the more chances for the fat to develop.

Toning the upper arms—an “almost” impossible task?

As mentioned earlier, toning the upper arms can be achieved, but not without a price. First, you need both mental and physical strength.

Strength training is one of the most popular ways of toning upper arms, mainly because it’s effective and second because it develops upper body strength, which is very practical. The only downside of strength training is that you cannot get rid of excess fat with just that—all it’ll do is enhance the lean muscles underneath the fat.

This means that it’s important for you to submit yourself to regular exercise and a healthy diet. Remember, there’s no such thing as target workouts—if you’ve to lose fat on your arms, you’ll need to lose fat from all over your body.

Examples of strength training are push-ups and weight training. For your convenience, you can enroll in a gym class because they have most of the equipment you’ll need for training, such as a bench press.

flabby armsToning the upper arms – cardio workouts

To cover for the fat loss, you can always rely on cardio exercises. Unlike strength training, they are more focused on making you lose weight. They work by burning the calories in your body. If you’re worried that cardio is super extreme and your frail heart (slight exaggeration) may not be able to take it, relax. Mild cardio workouts are also effective. Experts agree that 150 minutes of moderate cardio training will be enough for you.

Next time you want to relax, why not invite your friends to go swimming? Swimming is one great example of cardio workouts.

Toning the upper arms – the verdict

Again, it may be difficult. There’s no telling how much time you’ll have to commit to get your fabulous arms once again. The only guarantee is that while focusing your energy on getting toned arms, you’re also trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

In the meantime, you can resort to fashionable tricks like wearing sleeves more often or trying to use accessories that will drive the attention away from your arms. These steps will do little for the goal, but it’ll surely be good for your self-esteem.

Farewell, Flabby Arms!

Farewell, Flabby Arms!Do you covet the arms of a supermodel or a famous actress you often see on films?  Well, we all know that toned arms are the ultimate sign of being fit and healthy.  Unlike your abs or your thighs that are pretty much covered and only show up on some occasions, your arms are almost always in the spotlight all year round – um, unless you’ve them intentionally covered for obvious reasons.  And so if you’re tired of dreaming of having toned upper arms just like the stars you see on telly, it might be the right time to bid farewell to those ugly flabby arms and say hello to beautifully sculpted and toned upper arms.  If you’re ready, here are some workouts to help you live your dream.

Roll the Ball and Push Up

If you’re looking for a workout that is perfect for toning upper arms, this routine should be a great option for you.  This gives you the kind of challenge that your upper body and arms need to make you look fit and fab.  If you’re worried that you’ll have to get yourself some training balls or something similar, relax; a regular ball or even a stack of old books will do just fine.  To start, get into a plank position.

Place your right hand on the ball or the stack of books and let your left hand rest on the floor.  Lower your body towards the floor using the strength of your arms.  Push yourself back up and then switch the ball to your left hand.  Do the same routine with your other hand, holding the ball while you do push-ups.  Repeat as many as you can.

flabby armsSide Neck Stretch

A little stretching can also go a long way in toning upper arms.  When you stretch, you’re encouraging your joints to move around freely.  This routine is something you can definitely do anytime, anywhere.  To execute this side neck stretch for toning upper arms, start by leaning your right ear toward your right shoulder.

Place your right hand on top of your head and help by pressing it down further.  While your right arm is holding on to your head, keep your left shoulder down while your left arm reaches for the ground.  Hold this position for about 20-30 seconds and switch positions with your other arm.

Exercise with the Band

No not that kind of band you see on stage. I mean that amazing resistance band that you can take with you wherever you go.  Toning upper arms with a resistance band is great for anyone.  You can start with the Wide T’s.  You’ll need to hold each end of the resistance band with each of your hands.  Squeeze the band and stretch your hand from the middle until your arms are stretched out to the sides, which makes your body form a T.  Hold this position for a few seconds and come back to your original position.  Do 10-15 repetitions or even as many as you can. You can do a variety of workouts with the band, depending on the intensity you desire.

You don’t have to covet no more!  You can have the arms that you dream with these simple workouts you can do.  Do any of these today and start saying goodbye to those flabby arms!

Tips To Hide The Nasty Arm Flab

Flaunting the Flabby Arms—No Way!How often do you’ve to change your position or hide behind someone else bigger than you just so you can cover that nasty arm flab in the picture?  While it may be easy to keep the flab out of sight in photos and videos, it may be a little trickier when you’ve to cover those up on a day-to-day basis.

Sure, you can always wear long sleeves, but even that can’t hide the extra fat that has started to call your arms its home.  Are you ready to ditch the long sleeves and other moves you do to hide your flabby arms?  Here are some tips and exercises that will definitely give you those sculpted and lovely arms that an angel like you deserves.

Everything starts with a healthy diet.  Yes, you’ve probably heard of this so many times that it becomes an irritating solution when offered by anyone.  But the fact remains that what you eat can determine the state of your body.  If you’re not eating right, then that might be the first reason why you’ve flabby arms.  You can’t be doing exercises for arm flab when you spend the rest of the day loading up on junk.

You should also know that you can never fight the flab when your body isn’t taking all the rest it needs to recuperate and recover from the daily activities it does.  If you’re willing to lose those jiggles, then you also have to be willing to stop and take some time for sleep and relaxation.  You can’t expect to lose the flab when you exhaust your body at work, do some more work, and then do some crazy exercises for arm flab.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Give yourself a break – that’s a great way to get rid of those flabby arms.

arm flabJust like your car or your houseplants for that matter, your body needs to be hydrated – always.  Water does a ton of great things for your body – including distributing all the nutrients each part of your body needs to function at its best.  How about that extra fat on your arms, thighs, hips, and just about anywhere on your body?  Yes, water can help get rid of those, too!

And then of course you’ve to have the willingness to exercise and be disciplined enough to maintain an exercise routine, especially if you’re focused on exercises for arm flab.  Now you’ve to understand that fighting arm flab is something that requires a lot of effort because getting rid of extra fat only on certain areas of the body can be such a difficult feat to undertake.

There are exercises that are specific to the arms, thighs, hips, and other parts of the body that will definitely trim that fat away, but it’s important to remember that you should also focus on your overall health.  If you’re willing to start on your exercises for arm flab, you can start by doing simple push-ups, shoulder presses, bench presses, some chair dips, and all those basic routines that are sure to help you get rid of that extra fat.

If you can’t afford to break your bank and pay for those surgeons that can get rid of that unwanted fat in no time at all, then these tips should do the trick for you.  And while there may be thousands of exercises for arm flab or any other flab on the body, don’t forget to go back to your basics.  When you get all these right, it can mean no more hiding behind somebody else’s back and no more cropping your arms out of the picture.  Live healthy and do your exercises for arm flab routine.  You can never go wrong with this pair!

Quick Workouts to Ditch Arm FlabQuick Workouts to Ditch Arm Flab

Are your arms causing you to run to the store and find clothes that you need for layering up and covering up that ugly flab that isn’t so easy to hide?  Believe it or not, a lot of women are highly conscious of their arm flab that it can actually intervene or interfere with their way of life.  But if you’re sick of just covering up and trying to “mask” that ridiculously ugly excess fat that seems to have found a dwelling place on your arms, then it’s time to get off that couch and do something about it.  Here are some quick workouts and exercises for your arm flab that you can certainly do anytime, anywhere.

The arm circles

Who would have thought that those arm-circling routines that teachers make their kindergarten students do to wake and shake them up can actually be of great help in getting rid of that flab?  The arm circles make a great exercise for arm flab, and you get a bonus of back and shoulder strength, too.

To start this simple exercise for your arm flab, just stand straight with your feet wide apart.  Extend your arms to your sides until they are in line with your shoulders.  Keeping your arms straight, rotate them forward in circular motion.  Make about 15-20 forward rotations and then change the direction rotating your arms backwards.

So while you’re standing next to your washer waiting for your clothes to get washed and dried, go ahead and stretch those arms and do the circles!  I say that’s what they call hitting two birds with one stone.

The jump ropes

Wonder how some of those kids can eat like an elephant and not an ounce of flab can be seen on any part of their body?  The secret is in their love for jump ropes.  If you’re wondering how jump roping can be a great exercise for arm flab, well, it can actually tone and get rid of that excess fat that clings to your arms.  With jump ropes, you won’t have to carry a ton of weight to get that effect you need to see on your arms.  Keep jumping until your arms tire out – that should do the trick.

Next time, before you think of stashing those toys away, try picking up those jump ropes and be a kid yourself.  How much fun would it be to actually have fun while shedding that extra fat not just on your arms but also on other areas of your body?

arm flabThe aero box

Tired of just sitting around doing nothing but stare at your computer screen?  Well, you can always try aero boxing.  Basically, you need to get your behind off that office chair.  Find a place where you can relax a bit and do some exercises for your hideous arm flab (other than your usual type-like-there-is-no-tomorrow trick you think can help with your flabby arms).  Put your right foot forward and your left foot backward.

If you can get hold of those 1 or 2-pound weights that your lovely office provides for their good employees, go ahead and grab 2 of those for each of your hands to hold.  If not, an imaginary weight will do.  Bring your fists to your face and punch with your right hand and then your left.  You can speed up as you progress.  Repeat for about a minute or two until you feel the pressure on your arms.

Guess what?  Other than this being a great exercise for your arm flab, you can also do this as an alternative when you’re about to hit someone in the face.  You see, not only will this get rid of that extra fat around your arms, but it’ll also help you keep your cool.

There are so many great and quick exercises for arm flab that are beneficial for a lot of women.  And if you’re like me who doesn’t have a lot of money to splurge on extra clothing to hide that fat, I bet these amazing exercises for arm flab will work just fine!

Exercises for Arm Flab: Exercises You Can Do at Home

You wake up early in the morning to prepare your family’s food or your kids’ things before they go to school.  Then you take a quick shower and rush to the office for another stressful battle with the paperwork and stuff.  You wish it ends there, but it doesn’t.  You rush back home to get dinner prepared.

When you get the chance, you stand in front of the mirror and take a quick glance at yourself.  You frown and you raise your arms to check on what looks like gray hair growing on your head.  You shriek when you get distracted not by your gray hair but because of that thing that wiggles and jiggles on your arms.  You have got to be kidding me.  How do you take care of all of these plus your newfound flabby arms?

Stop.  Did you just picture yourself in that same scenario?  I can totally understand you.  Women these days can conquer the world, but sometimes that very feat takes a toll on their physical appearance.  So if you seem to have it all under control until you see that horrible flab, don’t give up.  Not just yet.  There are a lot of remedies out there that can totally get rid of that darn fat.  And if time or money is an issue, I got you some amazing home exercises for your hideous arm flab.  Are you ready?

Lift weights

Weight lifting is great exercise for arm flab.  You don’t need dumbbells if you don’t have them.  Look around your house and choose any item that you can use as a weight.  Try a 2-liter bottle of juice from your fridge if you’ve any.  Holding it with both hands, lift the weight over your head and lower it behind your back.  You can reach as low as you can as long as you don’t hurt yourself.  Remember to do it slowly to avoid injuries.  You also need to practice proper breathing to get a maximum result.  Slowly bring the weight back to your front and then repeat the steps.  You can do this exercise for arm flab while standing or sitting down.  Whatever is comfortable for you as long your posture is correct.

Counter push-ups

When you’re done with the dishes and you’re trying to get things sorted out in your head, why not do counter push-ups?  This exercise can help lose the jiggles, trust me.  You can use your kitchen counter for this.  Face the counter and place your arms on it.  Move back from the counter until you’re leaning towards the counter with your body straight.  Slowly bend your elbows until your chest area touches the counter.  Don’t bend your knees.  Go back to your original position and then repeat the set.  This superb exercise can do a great job at toning your arms in just a few weeks.

arm flabChair dips

Before you doze off for the day, you can also make use of your bed or the nearest chair you can find for this exercise.  When you’ve anything stable to hold on to for this routine, face away from the furniture and keep about a foot or two of space between you and the chair or bed.  Lower your body and place your hands on the furniture.

Bend your knees and keep your back straight (as if on a sitting position without the actual chair).  Lower your body until it touches the floor.  Pull yourself up using your arms back to your original position.  Do this routine every day and your flab is sure to go away.

If you’re a woman on the go, you deserve a flab-free arm.  No woman likes to run around conquering the world with saggy arms, right?  So, if your busy time permits, get any of these home exercises for arm flab done, and everything will be just fine.

Exercises for Arm Flab: The Best Strength Training for Arm Flab

Since the major muscles, deltoids, biceps, and triceps, are found within the upper arms, the best exercises for arm flab should consist in part of the best strength training for toning these muscles in order to get rid of the excess fat within as well.  If you’ve never undergone strength training before, and have no idea what will be the strength training most suitable for you, allow us to suggest to you the strength training for arm flab that is sure to help you achieve the desired result.

Exercises for Arm Flab The Best Strength Training for Arm Flab

But before we delve into them, you should first find out the difficulty level at which you should be working out.  Is the most suitable strength training level for you beginners, intermediate, or trainees?  By beginners, we mean trainees who’ve been undergoing strength training for less than 6 months.  By intermediate, we mean trainees who’ve been undergoing strength training for at least 6 months.  By advanced, we mean trainees who’ve been undergoing strength training for 3 years or more.

Once you’ve ascertained whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate trainee, or an advanced trainee, you may choose the strength training most suitable for you.  Since this will be your first time undergoing such training, it’s likely that you know of no strength training.  To help you get started as early as now, here are the strength trainings for arm flab that are simple, easy, and sure to work:

For Beginners



  1. Place a chair to your right and another chair to your left. Both chairs should be the same height.
  2. Grip the backs of both chairs.
  3. Extend your feet out in front of you. Look ahead in order to keep your back straight.
  4. Slowly lower yourself while inhaling. Keep your chest up and both your shoulders back. Don’t let your shoulders go past your elbows.
  5. Exhale while you bring yourself back up.
  6. Do 3 sets of dips. Repeat them 15-20 times during each set.

For Intermediate Trainees

Triceps Extension


  1. Attach a length of rope high up to a wall.
  2. Grasp the free end with both your hands and face your palms downward.
  3. While keeping your back straight, lean forward and then make a 50-degree angle with your body.
  4. When your hands go over your shoulders, straighten out your arms while slowly exhaling.
  5. Bend your elbows while slowly inhaling.
  6. Do 3 sets of Steps 4 and 5. Repeat these steps 15-20 times during each set.

exercises for arm flabFor Advanced Trainees



  1. Lie on the floor, facing down.
  2. Hold up your torso at arms’ length.
  3. Place your hands closer than shoulder width to allow your thumbs and index fingers to touch one another.
  4. Lower your torso until your chest nearly comes in contact with the floor. Inhale while doing so.
  5. Using your triceps and pectoral muscles, push your torso back up to the starting position and squeeze your chest. Exhale while you do so.
  6. Do 3 sets of Steps 4 and 5. Repeat these steps 15-20 times during each set.

Don’t forget. No matter how well you do the strength training you select for arm flab, not doing it together with the cardio exercise most suitable for you won’t help you achieve your desired result.  Unlike cardio exercises, strength training has no effect on the excess fat within your upper arms.  No matter how strict you’re with undergoing strength training, there’s no guaranteeing you won’t rid yourself of the excess fat that you need to do away with.

Given these best strength trainings for arm flab along with all of our knowledge of the exercises for arm flab, we hope to help you keep your upper arms flab-free, well-toned, and fabulous.

Exercises for Arm Flab: How to Look Fabulously Armed

Exercises for Arm Flab How to Look Fabulously ArmedO ne of the many goals of a woman is to have a body that is beautifully sculpted – especially those parts that she loves to flaunt around.  But if you face the mirror, raise your arms, and all you can ever focus on is that jiggly wiggly part that makes your arms look more like batwings, you’ve work to do.  Arm flab.  Yes, that extra bit of fat that clings to the back of your arms can be discomforting and can make you run for more cover.

You see, your arms are a little more difficult to hide as compared to your hips or your thighs that normally get jiggly, too.  So if your questions are, “What causes arm flab?  And what are the exercises for the arms that can help me say goodbye to that ugly flab?” then you’re looking at the right page.  Before you start diving into some tedious exercises for arm flab routine, let’s focus on the first question you might have.

What causes arm flab?

The flabbiness around your arms is simply because of the excess fat that has already accumulated in your arms.  Unfortunately, these didn’t appear out of nowhere.  Your arm flab may be caused by the following:

  • Hormonal changes due to aging.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Lesser protein intake.
  • Stress and lack of sleep can affect how your arms are sculpted and toned.
  • Incorrect or insufficient workout routine.

Now that you know the possible causes of that jiggly part on your arms, it’s time to move on to the next question.

What are the exercises for arm flab that will make you look fabulously armed?

Sure, you may not have full control over the causes of your arm flab, especially when it comes to hormonal changes and the like.  But you can definitely do some exercises for arm flab before the excess fat takes control of your entire arms.  Here are some simple exercises that you can do.

  • exercises for arm flabOne of the most effective exercises for arm flab is push-ups. The intensity you get from doing push-ups can definitely develop and tone your arms and even the upper part of your body.  Simply lie on your belly and use your toes to give you a good brace.  With your hands placed on the floor, use the muscles of your arms and slowly lift your upper torso off the ground.  Keep your body in a straight position as you lower down your body to the ground.  Raise your body back up, making sure that you inhale and exhale properly each time.
  • Another common and effective exercise for arm flab is bench dips. This routine is very simple and doesn’t require anything other than just a regular chair.  On the edge of the bench, sit up straight while extending your legs forward.  When you’ve secured that position, get a firm hold on the bench and slowly slide yourself off the bench, keeping your legs and your back straight.  After lowering your body down to the floor, gently prop yourself up with the use of your arm muscles, still holding on to the bench until you get to your original position.  Repeat the routine several times to get rid of that flab.
  • Finally, never be afraid of those dumbbells. Just so you know, women don’t bulk up as easily as men do, so you can incorporate dumbbells into your routine.  A shoulder press should be a good exercise for arm flab.  Not only does it contribute to strong shoulders, but it also helps tone and sculpt those flabby arms.  Hold a dumbbell on each hand, keeping them at shoulder-level.  Slowly straighten your arms, keeping them above your head.  Count 5 seconds and slowly lower down your arms to shoulder level again.  Repeat the set and you’re sure to say goodbye to those flabby arms.

If you’re conscious about those flabby arms that make you lose your confidence, start with any of these exercises for arm flab that are sure to help you look fabulously “armed.”  Have fun!

Exercises for Arm Flab: The Basics

Exercises for Arm Flab: The BasicsSo your once toned upper arms have started sagging and you’ve no idea how to stop it.  Fret no more, because there are now several exercises for arm flab you can find around the Web that are simple, easy, and can be easily done by one’s self right in the comfort of his or her home.

To help you avoid the hassle of having to sift through all of these exercises in order to find the most suitable one for you, we’ll soon be discussing the ones that we find most effective.  But before we delve into them, let us give you the basics about the exercises.  You wouldn’t read a book without first reading its summary in order to find out whether it’s good or not, would you?

We’ve already told you that, since there are several causes for arm flab and advanced age isn’t one, you can start having arm flab as early as now.  But we haven’t yet explained why arm flab often occurs in the upper arms.  Here’s what we found out about why many women get arm flab:

The parts of women’s bodies in which fat usually builds up are the chest, lower back, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, and upper arms.  The major muscles, the triceps, are located within the upper arms.  Fat usually builds up around these muscles and thereby cause arm flab. The cause for this is genes.  So, if you aren’t careful, you’ll have arm flab.  It’s just the way your body normally works.  All you can do is prevent it by observing a healthy diet and doing the exercises for arm flab most suitable for you.

No, that wasn’t a typo.  Getting rid of arm flab requires you to do a combination of certain exercises.  These exercises fall under two categories: strength training and cardio exercise.

exercises for arm flabStrength training helps you develop your muscular tone.  A result of undergoing this type of fitness training is tight upper arms, which can prevent arm flab.  But strength training has no effect in the excess fat within your body.  This fitness training enables you to work out and thereby tighten the lean muscles within your upper arms with no effect on the surrounding excess fat.  Cardio exercise, on the other hand, can help you get rid of it.

Every time you do cardio exercise, you burn a large amount of calories.  Since the presence of a large amount of calories within your body can cause you to gain weight, burning as much of them as possible can help you avoid having flabby arms.  But, unlike strength training, cardio can’t help you achieve tight upper arms.  Even if you manage to burn all of the excess fat within your upper arms, if the muscles therein aren’t developed, you’ll only have slim upper arms.  Wouldn’t you like to avoid having flabby arms as well as have well-toned upper arms?

As we’ve told you already, there are several exercises for arm flab that are simple, easy, and can be done by one’s self right in the comfort of his or her home.  To help you come up with the combination of strength training and cardio exercises that can surely help you avoid having flabby arms, we’ll be giving you the strength training and cardio exercises that we find most effective.  So, do pay us a visit again.

Exercises for Arm Flab Will Be More Effective When You Know What Arm Flab Really IsWhat Is Arm Flab Anyway?

I f you’re a female twentysomething, it’s likely that you won’t react much when you hear the mention of arm flab.  Since you’re at your prime, you’d think, why should I be worried about arm flab?—only grandmothers have flabby arms, right?  Most grandmothers’ arms do resemble chicken wings, but their advanced age has nothing to do with it.  In fact, women your age may start having arm flab soon.  So, if you really care for your appearance, you should begin learning exercises for arm flab as early as now.

By definition, arm flab is caused by fat.  To be precise, arm flab is caused by the presence of excess fat in the body. The excess fat is a result of weight gain.  An unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the main causes for weight gain. The other causes are certain natural hormonal changes you’ll undergo as you age.

These changes are decreased metabolic rate and the body’s tendency to increase the fat within while decreasing the lean muscle within as well that starts at a certain age.  Experts say the hormonal changes can occur among women who are in their 30s.    Due to these changes, despite how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise daily, you’ll gain weight.

exercises for arm flabOnce you’ve it, getting rid of arm flab is difficult.  Since having it’s a sign that your body has already started undergoing the aforementioned changes, toning your arms while fighting off your body’s new, natural tendencies that can hamper your efforts will be hard.  To make matters worse, the constant pull of gravity on your body can cause certain parts of it to sag, especially the skin.

Since the skin gradually loses its elasticity over the course of a person’s life, eating as healthy as possible and working out as much as you can will be futile in forcing your skin to remain in place.  Having sagging skin puts you at even greater risk of having arm flab.  If you do nothing to prevent arm flab, having sagging skin worsens the already unsightly appearance of flabby arms.

How fortunate then that you can do certain exercises for arm flab.  There’s no better place to do so than a gym, but since the popularity of living a healthful lifestyle has caused gym memberships to rise by astonishing degrees, you might ask, do I really have to get a pricey gym membership just to tone my flabby arms?  No, you don’t, because there are several exercises for that are simple, easy, and can be done by one’s self right in the comfort of his or her home.

Some of these exercises will require you to use certain pieces of exercise equipment, but you need not worry about whether you’ve to buy them.  You may replace the pieces of equipment with certain things you may own.  If you’ve never worked out your arms before, it’s likely that you’ve no idea of what these things are (or how to go about the exercise, for that matter).  We’ll be soon publishing the exercises for arm flab that we find most effective, so do pay us a visit here again.

The Myths Pertaining to Exercises for Arm Flab That Women Should Forget About

The Myths Pertaining to Exercises for Arm Flab That Women Should Forget AboutImagine this scenario: While forcibly but happily lifting weights during your first day of ridding yourself of your arm flab, you suddenly stop.  You’ve remembered that since people have told you that doing so can make you bulk up as big as a guy, you should stop and then exercise in a way that won’t change your figure.

Not only is this far from the truth; it’s one of the several myths pertaining to exercises for arm flab that women should stop believing in.  If you find it hard to do so, allow us to debunk for you the aforementioned myth along with a few others that we find particularly ridiculous.

Weight Training Can Cause You to Bulk Up

Among the main reasons why men look different from women is that women lack men’s hormone, testosterone.   This hormone plays a major role in men’s muscle development.  Since women have none of it, unless you take steroids, your muscles won’t grow as big as a guy’s.  Your muscles simply can’t do so by themselves.  If you train well and long enough, however, you’ll gain toned muscles.  Toned muscles indicate the presence of no excess fat in the body.  Thus, if you regularly exercise, it’s unlikely that your arms will ever become flabby.

‘Spot Reduction’ is Doable

Spot reduction is the theory that fat within a certain body part can be reduced by exercising it.  Although it sounds logical, no human can do it.  No matter how hard you exercise your flabby arms, there’s no way that the arm flab within will disappear.  The body doesn’t normally work this way.  The reason why arm flab often occurs among women is their genes predispose them to it.

Exercising as Much as Possible Makes Up for Not Following a Healthy Diet to a T

arm flabWe know that strict observance of a healthy diet is, to put it lightly, difficult.  We like chocolate as much as you do, and giving it up in order to gain a svelte figure will make us think several times.  In order not to give up delicious treats that are full of calories, you might exercise more than you should.  Although you’ll be able to burn more fat than the fitness regimen you chose to follow has approximated, achieving this result can make you exercise so hard you might hurt yourself in the process.

When you stop, there’s no guaranteeing you won’t regain the weight you were able to lose.  Professional bodybuilders say people who suddenly stop exercising will gain more weight than people who don’t.  This is because people who exercise need more calories than people who don’t.

Their bodies need the extra calories in order to maintain their muscles that are bigger than before.  All the calories their bodies will be unable to burn will be stored within as excess fat, which puts them at even more risk of becoming fat than they used to be.

Since getting rid of arm flab is one of the hardest things women can ever hope to achieve, we try to come up with so many ways of doing so.  Due to a lack of research and desperation, we unwittingly create myths pertaining to exercises for arm flab that may make doing so easier but can do us more harm than we think.  Having debunked for you some of these myths, we hope you’ll be able to successfully avoid having flabby arms.

Be Armed With These Arm Toning Workouts!Be Armed With These Arm Toning Workouts!

Contrary to popular belief, fashion isn’t centered on the face alone. For you to look good in virtually anyoutfit, you’ll need more than just a pretty face. Of course, you’ll need a sexy body (in fact, you want to have that not just for the clothes), fabulous legs (the longer, the better), and toned, slim arms. The first is overrated—people are going crazy trying to find the best workout, best diet, and maybe, best slimming pill. Your legs’ length is kind of predetermined, so there’s not much you can do about it (unless you go back in time and choose your parents, so yeah, let it go).

However, your arms are a different story. Your arms may not be long, but if they are slim and toned, you can wear just about any sleeveless shirt and dress you can find. However, toning the upper arms is a hard task. The first reason is because there are less workout options, and second, your focus tends to drift back to your tummy. The moment you decide that toning the upper arms is your next mission, try these simple but very effective upper arm toning exercises.

Uneven Push-Ups

This is a very simple but challenging workout. All you need to do is start in a plank position. Your left hand should be flat on the floor, while your right hand should be on top of a ball. Focus on your shoulders and abs— squeeze them as you perform the push-ups. You can do 5 repetitions on each side each day.

Advantages: Aside from toning the upper arms, this workout is also good for people who want to develop strength in the upper body. It’s also very flexible; if you don’t have a ball (soccer, basketball, etc.), you can use a set of books.

arm toningPilates Boxing

This is another simple exercise that will be great for those who love Pilates moves as well as yoga. Begin the workout by standing; your feet should be hip-width apart. Bring your fists on the same level as your shoulders; keep in mind that you need to maintain a neutral spine. Squeeze your abs, and start boxing, alternating your right fist with your left. Do it for 20 reps on each side.

Advantages: There’s no need for any equipment (just yourself!), and you can start toning the upper arms anywhere (of course, still use your judgment). Not only will it help you gain fab arms, but it’ll also guide you in losing weight.

Triceps Swing

This workout is best for women who’ve flabby arms, also referred by many as “bat wings”. Toning the upper arms with that condition may be slightly harder because the muscles seem looser. Start by lying on your back, with your knees bent. Each of your hands should be over your head, while holding a five-pound dumbbell. Now, move your right hand above your chest, and then return it to the original position. Do the same with the left. You can do up to three sets of this daily.

Advantages: This isn’t just good for toning upper arms; it’s also good for building strength.

When doing these arm toning exercises, you may not see the results right away. Don’t be frustrated; it’ll really take time. A lot of factors can affect the desired results, such as the amount of fat that was originally in your arms and the amount of time you’re willing to allot for the workouts.

Upper arm toning may seem to be trivial for some, but when you see that wonderful sleeveless outfit, you’ll really feel motivated. Be creative! Why not do the workouts during your lunch break?

Arm Toning Secrets that Work

Arm Toning Secrets that WorkHow do you define and sculpt those areas of your body that gravity always plays with?  How do you achieve those beautiful limbs without the magic of surgery and other remedies that technology offers?  The questions can go on, and the answers may also be endless.  Unfortunately, not all answers will solve your jiggly-arm issues in life.  If you’re willing to give arm toning another try, here are some guidelines, tips, and exercises you can do that will help you tone those limbs and make them as beautiful as you.

Train your whole body

This is one trick you’ve to keep in mind; those arm toning workouts will never work if your body is swarming with fat.  That’s just the truth.  So the number and the intensity of the arm exercises you do for toning upper arms will only work effectively if you consider training your entire body for a calorie-burning workout.  This should help the rest of your body release the hormones you need to burn fat and gain muscles.  By exercising and training your entire body, you’re not only sculpting great-looking arms but also a great overall look.

Eat right, load up on proteins

You think the only way to tone upper arms is to do some workouts?  Wrong.  Remember that a healthy you starts from what you eat.  If you’re not eating right and smart, this is probably the reason why you’ve jiggly arms and thighs and everything else.  Eating right, especially loading up on protein, is the very first step in toning your upper arms.  Proteins are known to help build muscle while helping you shed that ugly darn fat faster.  Plan your meals so you can incorporate healthy ingredients and protein-packed foods that will be beneficial to your goal of toning upper arms.

arm toningTake advantage of your environment

They say toning upper arms can be expensive.  I say they are totally wrong.  You don’t have to have a gym membership or a personal trainer to get those beautifully sculpted limbs.  If you’ve enough determination to actually start making the necessary changes in your life to achieve your goals, then this should be a great start.

The internet is there for a reason – use it well.  Do some research and read some articles that help you tone your upper arms without the need for expensive gadgets.  If you’ve a counter top, you can use it for push-ups.  If you’ve a floor, you can do almost any yoga pose there is.  If you’ve anything that can be used as weights, go ahead.  It’s not about the equipment or your gym membership.  It’s all that desire in you that matters.

Be patient

Last and certainly not the least, you’ve to be patient.  Toning upper arms is never easy, and the results cannot be achieved overnight.  Be patient and keep your focus on your goal.  Keep exercising, keep eating right, and reinforce a positive attitude throughout the journey.  Again, it’s not easy.  It can be a little tiring, but it’ll all be worth it.  Keep your eyes on your prize.  That’s the final arm toning secret that works!

Arm Toning Exercises for Women Over 40Arm Toning Exercises for Women Over 40

T hey say that 40 is the new 30. There’s a lot of hype about Michelle Obama’s arms these days. Even a young single woman would envy how toned her arms are. Arms like hers have that kind of appeal; a certain kind of sexiness. Being an ordinary single woman over thirty doesn’t mean you should give in to the aging process. There are lots of arm toning exercises for women of this age and beyond.

With the endless numbers of arm toning exercises for women available, a 40-year-old woman – and even those beyond that age – can still achieve those flab-free arms. Come to think of it, there are many arm toning exercises for women that encourage older ladies to pick up a set of weights and work with them. There are so many advantages when one talks about arm toning exercises for women; not only do they promote the overall health of women, but they also encourage more awareness of bone density – and we all know that exercise helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. arm toning exercises for women

The Downside

There are certain considerations that an older woman must think about when doing arm toning exercises. For starters, older women may be able to tone their bodies – but only to a certain degree – even if they follow the regimen done by Michelle Obama and other women her age. The truth of the matter is, Mrs. Obama must have been doing those arm toning exercises throughout her adult life – hence, her almost flab-free arms.

But if you’re one of those who has just realized that your arms need some work, then perhaps, you may need to think about working on all the muscles in your body. If these muscles have been inactive for quite some time, they lose their elasticity – and as a woman ages, she loses that too. If you add some extra body fat to the mix, you’re going to have flab in between the muscles.

Most older women will definitely say that they are still active. Still, they may not be as active as they were in their younger years. Their muscle mass may have declined as they became older. That’s just how nature works. One of the factors that leads to this loss of muscle mass is the lower estrogen level in the body. That being said, to attain the same muscle mass you had when you were younger, you’ll need to supplement your arm toning exercises with factors such as a proper diet, and some means to maintain the correct level of estrogen in your body.

The Real Deal

Before you take any drastic measures, consult with your physician and ask whether the arm toning exercises, or perhaps a different solution, will be better for you. Your physician will tell you which is suitable for you – or not. Additionally, you’ll need to focus on the other parts of your body. The arm toning exercises for women should only be a part of a complete regimen, and not the only exercise you’re going to do. Try to adopt a much healthier lifestyle – you may need to eat more leafy vegetables and skip the processed and junk food.

And who says that looking and feeling fabulous is just about being young? Older single women can be fabulous, too. It’s your choice.

What Your Gym Friends Might Not Tell You About Arm Toning ExercisesWhat Your Gym Friends Might Not Tell You About Arm Toning Exercises

As women age, their upper arms tend to become flabby – and while it’s relatively easy to get the rest of your body into shape, your arms need special attention.  If you’re itching to do arm toning exercises perhaps, by now you’ll have done your homework on how toning works for women – if so, then hop on board so that you’ll have an idea of how you’re going to do these exercises and transform your sagging upper arms.

First things first

For those who are still learning the ropes as to what exactly ‘toning’comprises, you’ll need to understand that arm exercises for women are just one part of a complete toning routine. Toning often involves more than one muscle group; in fact, toning should be performed for the whole body. Exercises that focus on toning aim to not only tighten, but also strengthen the muscles; especially when those muscles have lost their elasticity due to aging or immobility.

If you want to sculpt your body, arm toning  should be just one part of your fitness program. Often, these exercises are paired with cardio workouts to give you the total workout experience. You shouldn’t just do your arm toning women – you should work on your whole body – but start out by doing gentle exercises – that is the key.  This is particularly effective when you’re a beginner at working out. Also, prior to starting any strenuous exercise activities, you should consult your physician to get the go-a head for your new exercise regime.

It’s often suggested that in performing toning exercises, you should focus on just one part of the body per day. That said, you may do your arm toning exercises three times a week. Don’t over-exert yourself by doing them every day – simply do your exercises every other day.

Be prepared

Even if you don’t go to the gym, you can still do your exercises at home, or anywhere convenient for you. Arm toning don’t have to be time-consuming. All you need is about 15-20 minutes to finish most exercises. You can reach a ‘plateau’ when doing arm toning exercises for women; which is when you feel that you’re not seeing any more improvement, so be sure to concentrate on your exercises during the first few weeks of your training workout.

If you can acquire weights, they will help, but they are not necessary. If you’re working out at home, there are other alternatives to weights – such as heavy books, unopened cans of soup, bottles of water, etc.Also, when you’re working out, always make sure to have a bottle of water with you at all times – you can expect to perspire a lot while performing your arm toning exercises, and you don’t want to become dehydrated. arm toning exercises

Why there are ‘intervals’?

As a rule of thumb, you should not work the same muscle group for two days in a row – you’re not going to reach your optimum workout level if you do so. Muscles need to relax and rest in order to recuperate.

There’s a lot more emphasis on arm toning exercises for women than some other parts of the body, as the upper arms are areas of the body that tend to give women the most problems as they grow older.

Now that you understand the basics of arm toning exercises for women, are you excited to begin and see the amazing results of all your hard work?

Three Myths About Arm Toning Exercises

If you want to tone those flabby arms, probably the first thing that you’re going to seek out are arm toning exercises designed for women. Whether you’re at the gym or just doing themat home, arm toning exercises are necessary for a total workout regimen. But how much do you know about toning? Are you sure that what you know is right?

Have you thought about women who are naturally slender? Perhaps you envy their body shape. At one point or another, you might have wondered how to achieve that kind of body. However, you might be surprised to hear that most of those women need to increase their muscle mass. You might think, why? The answer is pretty simple; women of all shapes and sizes need strength.

A lot of women believe in one or two myths about toning, particularly when talking about arm toning exercises for women. So before you begin doing some arm toning exercises, you’ll need to know the myths about toning. This article will expose a few.

Myth #1: “I can do this by just focusing on one area.”

The truth is…

Attempts at ‘spot reductions’ don’t work. If you’re trying to lose weight, you won’t lose weight in a certain part of the body. To be smart about losing weight the correct way, you need to understand that in order to achieve tone, you’ve to lose excess fat and increase your muscle mass. These two things must occur in order to be successful in your weight loss quest. Also, when you lose weight, you can’t just lose it in one area – the human body doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately, your body deposits fat unevenly. So don’t be surprised when you need to workout more on some areas than on others. arm toning exercises

Myth #2: “I can feel the burn. My fat must be melting.”

The truth is…

The burn you feel isn’t the fat being liquefied; it’s the build-up of lactic acid in that particular area of your body. Lactic acid is also used as fuel for that instant rush of energy. So the next time you do arm toning exercises for women for a longer time, and you’re waiting for the burn that seems to evade you – you might want to switch to a more difficult routine. If your goal is to reduce body fat, you might also want to add some resistance training and cardiovascular exercises to your regimen. The former is to increase your muscle tissue, and the latter is to help you burn the calories you consume. Once you get the recipe right, you’ll feel great.

Myth #3.“I’ll eat less to burn more.”

The truth is…

Skipping a meal, or doing something drastic in terms of diet, maybe more harmful than beneficial for you. Many think the first meal of the day is lunch. They skip eating breakfast. There’s a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it literally breaks the fast.

By not eating well, or by skipping one meal, your body may lack the proper fuel it needs to perform during the day. You inevitably slow down your metabolic rate. This isn’t a good thing when you’re doing arm toning exercises for women. It isn’t about the frequency of eating; it’s learning about how much you eat, and knowing whether you’re within your recommended caloric intake or not.

There you’ve it. These three myths should be debunked so you can begin to lose weight in a healthier manner. Doing arm toning exercises is a good thing, but you need to complement them with other kinds of exercises to have the total weight loss you’ve been yearning for.

3 Arm Toning Exercises For Women3 Arm Toning Exercises For Women

How you’ve dreamed of having flab-free arms! Sometimes, you wonder if you can still achieve that dream. Of course you can! There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you just put your mind to it. This is the mind set you should have while doing these arm toning exercises for women.

A woman can only do so much. If you’re young and single, you’ll probably have a lot on your mind – your career, your social life, everything. Then again, everything must be in balance; if you tip the balance, then you might shatter your world.

Confidence is often the ‘secret sauce’ to having a great life. However, most women are lacking in this aspect of their lives; especially single women with unsightly arms that wobble with a jelly-like motion. Many seek radical transformations, such as plastic surgery. Others settle for the good old regimen of arm toning exercises created especially for women. For those who prefer the latter, here are some arm toning exercises that you can follow. These are fool-proof exercises that have been used by professional trainers and novices alike.

Are you ready to say goodbye to those sagging arms?

Arm toning exercises for women #1: Balancing triceps and biceps

There are two ways to do these amazing arm toning exercises for women. Not only will they tighten the muscles of your arms, but they will also improve your core strength and stability. The first exercise is as follows: while holding a dumbbell in each hand, you’ll stand up straight with your feet slightly apart. Next, bend your knees (but don’t lock them), and lift one foot off the floor. You want to try to balance your weight on one foot. Bend your elbows to lift the dumbbells to shoulder height, then lower your hands to the initial position. Do this at least ten times, alternating your feet.

One way to add more resistance to the arm toning exercise above, is to again stand up straight, whilst holding a weight in each hand, with knees relaxed and feet together. While balancing on one leg, slightly push your upper body forward, so you’re leaning a little bit. Your elbows should be bent at your sides, holding the weights with your hands facing each other. While in that position, try to bring your hands to your chest, making sure that your elbows are close to the body. Return to the first position. Do this at least eight times. arm toning exercises for women

Arm toning exercises for women #2: Push-ups

This toning exercise doesn’t just focus on toning the arms. The chest area can also be toned when done correctly. Here is what you’ve to do: begin in the push-up position, lying on the floor with your arms and legs shoulder-width apart, and your weight on your hands. Make sure that your spine is aligned with your head.

Push your body up by using your arms, then lower your body to the floor by bending your elbows. Press your weight down onto your hands and then push back up, straightening your elbows. Repeat at least eight times.

Arm toning exercises for women #3: Quadrupeds

This toning exercise begins with you positioning yourself on all fours. Your core should be tight, and your stomach muscles tucked in. Your knees should be aligned with your hips, and your palms with your shoulders. Begin by extending one arm forward, parallel to the ground. The opposite leg should also be raised. Hold that position for about three minutes, return to the initial position and alternate with the opposite arm and leg. There should be at least eight repetitions on each side.

Who doesn’t want to have toned and muscular arms? Most single women use a lot of different arm toning exercises to achieve just that. You, however, don’t have to search anywhere else for a solution to the problem, as these exercises have been proven to be effective by women of all fitness levels.

The Three Best Arm Toning Exercises for WomenDid you ever wonder what the best arm toning exercises for women are? A lot of women are curious about them and want to know more. Perhaps the reason for this is because they want optimum results from their exercises; although some women may simply be interested because they want to know about them and because they want to try them. Not only do the best arm toning exercises for women involve weights, they include a list of basic yoga poses, as well.

Do you want to know more about these arm toning exercises for women?

Best Arm Toning Exercises for Women Using Yoga Poses: Sun Salutation

This is a yoga pose that is otherwise known as Surya Namaskar. It’s often performed in the morning to greet the morning sun. First, you need stand up straight, with your arms at your sides. Slowly raise your arms upwards with the palms facing each other. Stretch your fingers as if you’re trying to touch the sun. Next, stretch your arms and move them down to your sides.

As you’re doing this, bend from the hip, making sure that your head is moving slowly towards your shins. Don’t lock your knees; they should be relaxed. Exhale as you’re doing this pose. Make sure that your fingertips touch the floor. For more resistance, try placing your palms on the floor. Next, move your torso up and away from your thighs. Transition to the downward dog position, then to the table-top position.

The table-top position is performed by going down onto your knees. Your hands should be at the same level as your shoulders. Think of this pose as if you’re about to crawl. The next position is to bring the arms close to the body with the elbows bent at a 45-degree angle. When you’re doing this correctly you can do half push-ups. Repeat the half push-ups eight times. Transition to the rest position, which allows you to stretch your arms. Return to the table-top position. Next, move into the downward-facing dog pose and then bend over with your back straight, and return to the mountain pose.

Best Arm Toning Exercises for Women without Using Any Equipment

The Forearm Plank

There are many variations of the plank, but the best kind for toning women’s arms is this one. You can do this to rest your muscles a little when you’re doing an intense workout in the gym, or simply doing mild exercises.

The push-up position is your first position. While you’re in that position, put your whole weight on the arms and toes. Make sure that the elbows are positioned beneath the shoulders, keep them and the forearms on the floor. Your whole body must be in a straight position. Hold this for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe normally. Next, your knees should touch the floor. This is your rest position, which should be held for 20 second. This is one repetition. This is one of the best arm toning exercises for women that can be done in five minutes. arm toning exercises

Best Arm Toning Exercises for Women Using Weights

For a more difficult workout, and one of the best aerobics for toning women’s arms, you can employ weights – but no more than five pounds. You can do this drill by lying face-up on a sturdy bench at home, or at the gym. Hold the dumbbells of your preferred weight in each hand. Your hands should stretch up to the ceiling, then cross over your chest. To feel the intensity of this workout, you’ll need to move your arms from your chest towards the back of your head and back to the original position. Do as many as you can, but try to do this exercise for 15 repetitions.

There you’ve it. These three exercises are entirely different from each other, but of the same intensity. These are just some of the methods used in the best arm toning exercises for women. Although they differ in approach, the results willstill be the same – your arms will be toned – and you’ll be the envy of your friends.

Quick Exercises When You Only Have A Few Minutes

Jiggle-wiggle-goo. No, this isn’t a beginning of a Barney song. If your flabby arms could speak, that phrase would definitely be part of their vocabulary. Fortunately, your arms can’t utter a single word. Nevertheless, the truth still remains – your arms are flabby, like those of many older women these days. Bat wings, flabby arms, or any other words used to describe that dangling and jiggling part still aren’t nice to hear. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s to do, right? What does a girl got to do?

Tone them. The whole enchilada. If you think that by removing the excess fat on a single body part is doable, then think again. Apart from the arm toning exercises for women, you need to think of your diet, too. If you want to lose that fat, then you must also reduce your fat intake. That’s the first step. The second step is to follow these three best arm toning exercises for women.

Perhaps you’re wondering why, out of all the arm toning exercises for women, these three are deemed the best? There’s one simple answer for that – you don’t have to go to the gym to do them – yet they will give you the same great results that may even outdo the exercises you perform at the gym.

There are some things you’ll need to remember when doing these routines. First, don’t be lazy. These routines will show the best results when you can perform them in the shortest time possible, and as often as you can. Second, water is important; drink the recommended amount daily.

Corner Support

What’s great about these arm toning exercises is that you don’t need the help of a trainer to do them. All you need is a corner! The first thing you do, is stand with your back against the corner. Make sure that only your head and back touch the corner. Stand with your feet pointing forward and your elbows bent. Use your elbows to support your body as you lift yourself off the wall to a position where you can stand without the support of the corner. Make sure that your shoulders are compressed and you can feel the burn in the triceps area. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

Dip It

You have probably seen this in many videos about arm toning exercises for women. Often they use the chair as a prop for dipping. However, in this particular exercise, the level of intensity is a notch higher in order to eliminate targeting the wrong muscles. Begin with a sitting position on the floor, with your knees bent and your hands and feet planted on the ground, facing forward.

As you transition into the next position, you need to tighten the muscles in your abdomen while pushing your pelvis up. Make sure while you’re doing this that your glutes are also tightened. Return to the first position. You’ll do this by bending your arms while transitioning to the sitting position. To work not only your triceps, but also your core, try not to allow your buttocks to touch the floor; hence, the dip. Repeat as many times as you can in a minute. arm toning exercises for women

Circle in, Circle Out

Remember your gym classes in school? Remember how the gym teacher would instruct you to circle your arms? This principle is similar –it’s one of the oldest and best arm toning exercises for women – but different from those arm exercises of the past. You’re not going to do a full circle. Half-circles have nowadays been proven to be much more effective at toning the arms of women. To do this exercise you should be in a standing position with your feet hip-distance apart.

Your arms should be stretched out at your sides, and parallel to the floor. Lock your elbows to target those triceps. If you can find something to grasp, such as a can or a ball, all the better. Rotate your arms in a half-circle position clockwise and then reverse. Do this as fast as you can. Repeat as many times as you can in a one-minute interval.

These three exercises for women may be simple, but they have been proven to be effective in eliminating flabby arms. Why don’t you give them a try?

Arm Toning Exercises for Women – Tips That Women Should Know

Arm Toning Exercises for Women – Tips That Women Should KnowOne of the many reasons why women buy exercise videos is to tone their flabby upper arms.  Arm toning exercises for women have always been popular; just check out all of the keep fit products that are available for women. As you can see, there are a lot of videos and tools that claim to assist with arm toning exercises.

But sometimes women, like you, can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of videos available solely for the purpose of toning their arms; some of which may not even be effective. Looking at all of these, how would a woman even begin to follow such exercises – when some of them are too difficult to perform, or simply don’t work? Instead of offering the usual list of arm toning exercises for women, this article will focus on the tips that women should know before beginning any exercise program at all.

Don’t think about your arms.

You’re probably surprised at the above; this article is about women and how they can improve the muscle tone in their arms, right? Nevertheless, here is what women need to understand before they even start thinking about doing any arm toning exercises. Losing weight is important! Before you can tone your arm muscles, you’ll need to remove the extra fat from the area. Before you can show people how great your arms look, you’ll need to get rid of the main problem that is making your arms flabby.

To burn fat you need to follow a proper diet (no starvation!),and cardio exercises. You can’t just jump straight to the toning part without first losing weight. There are no shortcuts when it comes to muscle toning. If you’re still in the dieting phase, forget about those arm toning exercises – focus on how to lose that extra weight first.

If you’ve tried working with a trainer, you might have heard them say, “You’re on fire!” Well, don’t take it too literally. It just means that you’re working it – you’re in the zone –and the next step is to work even harder. When you visualize that you’re working hard, then you’re actually doing it, even before you know it. By visualizing, you’re turning on the ‘overdrive’ switch.

The harder you train, the more fat you burn; and the closer you’re to your goal of having toned arms. Now it’s time to begin those arm toning exercises for women.

It takes time. arm toning exercises

Who says that after a month-long training you’re going to develop muscles? There are many factors working against you. That’s simply the truth. If you’ve seen women with toned arms, it means that they have been dedicated and determined in order to achieve those muscles. It doesn’t happen overnight. Or even after a month.

It’s the complete package.

Intense weight training is a must; but don’t forget that you still need to have an intense cardio workout. Who says cardio training should only be about running? There are a lot of cardio workouts you can try. Be creative. Why don’t you try cardio exercises that also workout your upper arm muscles? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Try jumping rope or boxing. It’s still cardio, but you’re also working your arm muscles more than if you were just running.

There are a lot of arm toning exercises for women. That’s a fact. Choosing the right onesfor you’ll give you better options. Gather more information on how to tone your arm muscles before even beginning. Educate yourself and make a start – you’ll be glad you did!

Pilates and Arm Toning Exercises for WomenPilates For Toned Arms

Many women are really concerned about their flabby arms. They have tried all kinds of arm toning exercises for women. Some women may have success stories about how arm toning exercises have helped them reduce their flabby arms, yet there are others who swear that arm toning exercises for women don’t work. Are you one of the latter? If you are, don’t fret, you’re not alone. Conventional arm toning exercises may not be suitable for some women. Perhaps you should try Pilates, which is usually associated with toning the core or the abdominal muscles. However, Pilates can be used to tone those flabby arms, too.

As with any kind of arm toning exercises, you should be careful that you don’t overdo them. You should also make sure that you only do these  arm toning exercises three times per week, with a day off in between to allow the muscles to rest. Furthermore, before any kind of exercise, be it arm toning exercises for women, or some other kind of exercise, always consult your physician as to whether or not you’re fit enough to do them.


If you want to up the ante during your Pilates arm toning exercises for women, you should use weights. Why don’t you try the Pilates triceps curls? Stand with your knees slightly bent. Your upper body should bend 45 degrees at the waist. Your elbows should be bent, too. This makes your hands fall at shoulder level, or just in front. As your hands will be holding the weights, make sure that your palms are facing toward you. Move the weights by straightening your elbows and bending them again. This exercise should be repeated at least eight times.


The triceps are the largest muscle group in the arms. While targeting this muscle group, you need to think carefully about the kind of arm toning exercises for women you should use; many prefer triceps dips and push-ups.

Pilates: pilates

Begin your push-ups by standing up straight.

Breathe in, then reach your arms straight up over your head, while keeping your shoulders down.

Breathe out. Keeping your arms straight, slowly bend down from the waist and place your hands on the floor. If this is too difficult at first, bend your knees so that your hands can touch the mat.

Breathe in, and walk out with your hands until you’re in the plank position – with your hands under your shoulders and your legs and body in a straight line. Tuck your upper arms in close to the torso area. Your elbows should not point outward, they should point forward.

Breathe out and hold the plank position.

Now, breathe in, keeping your elbows close to your sides and slowly allow yourself to descend onto the mat, all the while keeping your shoulder blades together in order to stabilize both your shoulders and torso.

Breathe out, keeping your abs in line and straightening your elbows and slowly pushing yourself up off the mat.
Breathe in, and while keeping your pelvis raised, walk your hands back to the second position. Keep your abs tight and lifted.

Breathe out. Using your tightened abs, slowly return to an upright position and roll your spine up, one vertebrae at a time until you’re once again in the standing position.

Breathe in, raise your arms and get ready to repeat the exercise at least three times. As time passes you’ll be able to increase the repetitions.

And there you’ve it –Pilates arm toning exercises for women. Pilates can be the solution to your flabby arm problems if you just put your mind to it.

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