What Every Independent Woman Must Not Think About When Turning 30

30 is just a number.  But for some people, this number means a lot.  For women especially, the number 30 stands for a new milestone. What does turning 30 mean?

Turning 30 means saying goodbye to youth and early adulthood and to immaturity and to a carefree lifestyle.  It means a much better and fabulous life, being closer to your prime, and of course more money than what you had in your twenties.  While the last may not be necessarily true, what is true is that turning thirty implies more responsibilities and more expectations on your part; and these, you can only accomplish by keeping focused in your life, and by not thinking about unproductive thoughts as you face another decade head on. turning 30

YOLO Mentality

Once you’re turning 30, leave the YOLO mentality behind.  YOLO or you only live once is a mentality that’s only good for teens, tweens, and hipsters.  Thirty isn’t the time to experiment and be totally crazy and uncontrollable.  This is the time to be independent, to be responsible for your decisions and actions, and to make your mark in the world. 

Tick -tock tick-tock

When we talk about turning 30, what naturally comes to the mind of women is that our biological clock is ticking.  You may feel old about yourself but don’t freak out because everyone goes through this phase.  You’ll just fret about the idea of being older, but when you get there, you’ll realize that there’s no overnight physical change whatsoever that’s happening (duh? As if you’ll magically age overnight!).  What just changed is that you’re now a year stronger and a year wiser than before.

The rush to make babies

Just because you may feel that your biological clock is ticking and you’re age is close to being beyond the numbers in the calendar, it doesn’t mean that you’ve to rush yourself to settle and make babies.  Never settle and start a family just because you feel that your time’s running out.  Settle only when you’re ready and when you honestly want to, not because you’re just pressured.

Flings and temporary relationships

While you must not think of joining the marriage bandwagon just because you feel that your age compels you to settle down, it doesn’t mean that you should do the exact opposite.  Thirty is no longer the time to keep yourself sidetracked by a series of flings, hookups, and temporary relationships.  Changing relationships as often as you would change your dress will just wear you out eventually.  Thirty is the time to build genuine and lasting relationships; it’s also the time that you should be focused on achieving your goals instead of being focused on “extra-curricular activities.”

Excessive Partying and Spending

Going on thirty is no longer a time for excessive partying, filthy bathrooms, and excessive and uncontrollable spending.  This is the time to save for your future and to forge your own path.  This is a crucial time that you should not mess up.  Instead of being happy-go-lucky and living a carefree life, this is the time for you to scrap and work for the life that you always wanted to have.

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty. 

Robert Frost

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