Fat Blasting Smoothie Recipes: Avocado-Pomegranate Smoothie

It’s possible that you haven’t yet heard of a healthy smoothie recipe that calls for both avocado and pomegranate.  Believe it or not, both fruits have certain properties that are good for us all.  As such, there are now many fat blasting smoothie recipes published online that call for both these fruits.

Here’s one that we find simple and easy.

Avocado-Pomegranate Smoothie Ingredients

Half an avocado

1/2 a cup of some pomegranate juice

1/2 a tablespoon of some honey

1/2 a teaspoon of some vanilla extract

1/4 a cup of some Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon of some whey protein

1/2 a cup of ice cubes


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Using a blender, blend together all of the ingredients and then enjoy.

As long as you don’t consume excessive amounts of it, the avocado can help you keep the fat within your body to a minimum.  This fruit contains a high amount of monounsaturated fat, which experts say can help lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood.  The fruit also contains neither trans fats nor cholesterol and is rich in vitamins B6, C, E, and K as well as folate, lutein, magnesium, and potassium.

fat blasting smoothieExperts attribute consuming pure pomegranate juice in lieu of sugar-filled beverages to weight loss.  According to them, the juice is able to help with losing weight by way of the antioxidants and polyphenols it contains.  These natural substances enable the juice to help with keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy, preventing buildup of excess cholesterol within your body, and defending your body against free radicals.

The other ingredients this recipe calls for are great help with keeping the fat within your body to a minimum, too.  Apart from containing little calories, honey can stop sugar cravings and help with repairing the body and burning fat when consumed.  The scent of vanilla can also stop sugar cravings, according to authors.

Yogurt can help you lose weight when consumed by way of the probiotics it contains.  Probiotics are live organisms that are safe to consume and that can aid digestion and thereby promote weight loss.

Whey protein can help you lose weight by making you feel less hungry than usual when consumed.  This protein is able to do so by way of the ghrelin it contains.  Ghrelin is a hormone that can help the body with regulating food intake.  Whey protein can help you lose weight by also increasing your ‘insulin sensitivity’.  Studies show that if a person’s insulin sensitivity is high, it can make him experience improved blood sugar control and reduced fat within his body.

Although all the ingredients are beneficial to your health, their effectiveness will be based on their quality.  High-quality ingredients will indeed make for smoothies than can truly be good for you.  Substandard ingredients can’t guarantee a smoothie that will indeed be beneficial to your health.

Hence, buy the best avocado, pomegranate juice, honey, vanilla extract, Greek yogurt, and whey protein you’ll be able to afford.

Given this fat blasting smoothie recipe that calls for some avocado and some pomegranate juice to be its main ingredients, we hope to help keep your tummy flat, the fat within your body to a minimum, and your life free of worrying about having belly fat.

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