Benefits of Being A Single Woman In 2022 [New List]

It takes a strong woman to appreciate the freedom that goes with being single.

If you look up the meaning of ‘single,’ you’d be moved by how its definition is directly attributed to being free.

There are a lot of advantages to being single, but probably the best thing about being single is being able to perform activities you like without feeling guilty.

Freedom – The Best Thing about Being Single

You’re probably starting to feel guilty by just reading these lines.  What’s holding you back?  Being single means power.  It means ultimate freedom to do special things, such as the following:

No Closet Pressures

The best thing about being single is the freedom from the pressure of dressing for someone else. Bags, shoes, dresses, and daily outfits are the most affordable stress breakers for girls.  If you’ve a party to attend, you’ve no one waiting downstairs trying to rush you.

Dressing up and putting your makeup on is a wonder no man could ever appreciate; plus, you don’t have to change clothes because no one will be there to give you undesirable comments about your chosen outfit.

Or, you don’t have to really dress up if you’re not in the mood – this is indeed one of the best things about being a single woman.

Enjoying the “One Set” Set-up

The best thing about being a single woman is having the time to think for yourself alone.  You have one set of laundry to wash, one person to cook for, one set of beddings to prepare, and one set of house arrangements – just little things that entail independence, but nevertheless you will surely miss while in a relationship.

One set is always practical.  Two sets . . . nah, stick with one.

being singleMore Time with Your Girls

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The best thing about being single is being able to hang out with your gals. Before every relationship in your life, your girlfriends have fulfilled your needs for company all these years.  No matter how messed up you are, they have accepted and shared fun moments with you until now.  They deserve more than the spare time you’re ready to give while in a relationship.

If you’re single, you’re able to catch up with your friends – just like the old days – and get yourself into crazy things you can never trade for any romantic relationship.

Boys Get Exciting Every Time

The best thing about being a single woman is that you’re ready to mingle. If you’re not carrying any relationship baggage with you, boys get hotter each time you see them. (Take note: there’s nothing to feel guilty about.  You are single and ready to mingle!)

Being single can also be an opportunity to study and learn a lot about the male species.  So if you’re not yet ready, then don’t rush.  You have tons of time before jumping into a tight relationship and missing all the fun of singleness.  Enjoy flirting if it suits you.  Be one of the boys without prejudice.  At the end of the day, no one will hold a grudge against you, sister.

No Power on Earth Can Stop Friday Night

After the lengthy, stiff, scheduled week, stop yourself from thinking about the problems you need to face when you get home, the chores that are waiting to be done, and a boyfriend to please at night.  Gosh Girl! You deserve more than that!

The best thing about being a single woman is an unstoppable Friday night fun!  This may be planned or spontaneous – whatever it is, go out and have some fun!  The best thing about being single is forgivable morning hangovers and guilt-free all-night partying.

If a relationship holds you back from your dreams, it’s better to toss it out the window and move on.  Real relationships don’t have to be stressful or limiting.  It’s better to stay single than be overshadowed by regrets and what-ifs.

5 Tips to Embrace Your Single Woman Status

5 Tips to Embrace Your Single Woman StatusSingle women are generally one of the most underestimated people on this earth; they can often be perceived as people who are lonely, miserable, have no direction in life, and worst of all, desperate (ouch!). Now, now, whoever made that up should not be so quick to judge.

There are two types of single women: those who end up that way because fate has yet to give them a chance, and those who voluntarily choose to be alone because they feel they are more content that way.

Whatever their circumstances, many women eventually learn to accept that not everything works out the way they want them to, especially when it comes to their love life. Being a single woman in my late twenties wasn’t how I pictured my life to be; I was leaning more towards living in a two-bedroom apartment, happily married to a wonderful man, and expecting our first baby.

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Instead of that picture perfect image, I’m renting a one-bedroom apartment and happily working in my desired field of work.

Despite what other people may think or say, I’m very content with my current status in life.  I may continue to be single for years or just a few more months…who knows? But mostly importantly, I’ve learned to embrace it, and that mindset is essential if you want to be happy.

However, embracing my life as a newly single woman wasn’t something I welcomed with open arms right away; it was a slow, gradual process. Being in a relationship that lasted for almost half a decade turned me into a weak, dependent woman who constantly needed the company of my significant other in order to accomplish tasks or make simple decisions — I couldn’t even decide for myself what to order at restaurants; it was that ridiculous!

So when singlehood hit me, I was lost and confused. I did not know how I could move on without anyone else to lean on.

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I had to do something about it. Who else did I have but myself? Of course I had my family and very close friends to support me, but in order to actually make something happen, I had to put it into action. Before I truly learned to embrace my life as a single woman, I had to undergo a few stages that prepared me for my life transition.

1. Acceptance

Just like the five stages of grief, acceptance is a part of moving forward. For those who are letting go of a relationship, you don’t exactly have to understand the reasons for the break-up; you just have to accept that you two can no longer be together. Accepting your situation is a stepping-stone to putting the past behind and allowing yourself to start a new chapter in your life.

2. Do Some Decluttering, Cleaning, and Letting Go

Letting go means getting rid of or at least storing away the material things that remind you of that person. Souvenirs, pictures, those sentimental reminders  – what else would you need them for anyway? Keeping those things around will only cause you to be reminded of the past and therefore hinder the letting-go process.

3. Make a Change

What do most women do when they are experiencing major transitions in their lives? They get a makeover. Most women go to the salon to cut their hair, change their hairstyle, wear new clothes, and even get in better shape in order to enhance their outward appearance. Changing your appearance can greatly affect how you will feel about yourself, increasing your self-esteem.

4. Learn Something New

Before I became a single wosingle womanman, I only knew how to do two things in the kitchen: make coffee and wash the dishes. Cooking was never my forte, and since my ex-significant other was the talented one, he had total control of any meal preparations, never giving me a chance to learn. I didn’t actually want to learn how to cook; I had to. Living by myself left me no choice.

I encouraged myself to watch countless food shows and read piles of recipe books so that I could become an independent single woman who could cook her own food to survive. Accomplishing this new hobby made me realize I could make it on my own (without burning the entire apartment building down).

5. Meet New People

Just because you’re a single woman doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t go out and mingle with other people. You’re free! There’s no one who can tell you that you can’t have fun.

Singlehood means freedom, so go ahead and make room in your agenda and go to parties, reunions, bars, and other social events so that you can sharpen your people skills and enjoy life!  Letting new people into your life can help you not be afraid to start new relationships.

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Going through these stages helped me embrace my new status in life. Now I truly love being a single woman. You may or may not meet ‘the one’, or you may have a few shorter term relationships along the way, but either way, you absolutely must get the very most out of life – whether single or not.

Why I Chose to be a Single Woman

Why I Chose to be a Single WomanI love my single life.  A lot of people may say that I’m just lying or that I’m being a hypocrite for saying this, but this is the truth.

It’s not as if I haven’t had any experience in love, a.k.a. no boyfriend since birth; I actually have a number of boyfriends and serious relationships in the past, and I have my own share of love experiences to tell. Yet the time just came when I chose and decided to be a single woman.

When my boyfriend and I broke up after four years, I was really devastated.  But when I finally moved on, I decided to give some “alone-time” to myself.  I focused on myself, on my own goals and dreams, and after two years, I have learned to love the independence that I get from being single.

Being a single woman sure has a lot of benefits and advantages.  Being single isn’t necessarily an option but a lifestyle choice.  So let me share with you some of the reasons why choosing to be single isn’t a crazy or a scary decision for a woman like you to make.

1. It makes you free

One of the best advantages of being a single woman is that you can do whatever you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want, and whomever you want to do it.  You don’t have to ask the permission of your partner if you need to attend a party or if you want to go somewhere else.

You’re single, ready, and free to mingle!  There’s no need to deal with jealous boyfriends who are like police investigators, that is, those who interrogate you constantly about your activities and whereabouts.  You can party, flirt, or even just have pure fun all you want!

single woman2. It gives a sense of control in your life

Face it, women are really expected to be the submissive ones in the relationship.  Even if you want to initiate or do something first, generally you’re expected to let your man lead you in your relationship.  Otherwise, you’ll hurt your man’s ego and pride.  And dealing with all of this can be very suffocating in the long run.

But when you’re single, there’s no “opinion” or “suggestion” from your partner to consider.  You are the sole master of your own ship, the designer of your own life.  You can control your life and direct it in the way that you want it to be lived.  No need to modify it just to make it fit into the life of another person.

In short, you can make decisions without having to consult your partner – or anyone else.

3. It makes you focus on your career and other goals

Engaging in a love relationship can be very distracting, especially at a time when a lot has been going on in your life.  But being single will make you’ve more time for other activities that need your attention and devotion.  You’ll also have the focus that you really need in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

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I used to remember that I was barely scraping A’s for my scholarship in the University when I still had a boyfriend.  But when I became single, I had more time to focus on my studies to the extent that I even graduated Magna Cum Laude and now I’m even building my career in the legal profession.

4. It makes you emotionally stable and pain-free

Being single can also shield you from the annoying feeling of jealousy and of the much-feared pain of heartbreak.  Believe me, when you’re single, you won’t be burdened with these feelings.  You won’t have to deal with a lot of emotional stress and other emotional problems that go along with being in a relationship.  In other words, you’ll save yourself from additional emotional stress and anxiety.

5. You’ll have the time to improve yourself

When we are in relationship, the tendency is that we sometimes become too focused with the other person that we forget about ourselves.  But being single can help give you the much needed time and attention that you should give to yourself.  You’ll have the time that you need to take care of and to improve yourself, so that you’ll become a much better person.

There are many benefits that come with being a single woman.  Being single has never been a last resort to me; it’s a choice that I have never regretted making.  Choosing to be single is a blessing. Because of it, a lot of opportunities, experiences, and successes have been opened to me.  I may or may not meet my other half in the future, but for now, I can proudly say that I’m single and I’m loving it!

Walking with the Single Ladies

Walking with the Single LadiesFrom a distance, a quick eye can immediately spot the difference between single women and in-relationship ladies.

The two groups have their own beauty that starts from within then eventually radiates to the surrounding souls. There are awesome things that only single ladies can do. That’s the best thing about being single – you can always avail anything privileged only for a few.

Aside from a free finger to put a ring on in the near future, there are a variety of benefits only singlehood can provide.

Trendy Outfits

Single women aren’t afraid to try something different on themselves.  Aside from a successful relationship, one area that makes all girls happy is the trends of fashion and technology.  It may be in a form of bags, dresses, shoes, and gadgets – just name it!

So, if you happen to see some on the other side of the road, you can easily spot the fresh styles of outfits they set for a whole day of activity.

Oozing Confidence

It’s innate in a woman to feel comfortable and confident.  Sometimes, wrong relationships and false criticism can bring women down with just a word.  However, single ladies pack together in groups.  Their click shares the same hobby with them, such as shopping, going to a spa, performing recreational activities, or just hanging out.

As long as their girlfriends are all ready to back them up, they can face the world without fear.

Successful Career

If they’re not in a relationship, women tend to concentrate more on their careers than looking for a man.  A job isn’t just about the money.  Rather, it’s about self-fulfillment that women of today would like to promote and empower.

The age of treating men as the sole provider is over.  Women step out of their comfort zones to head out in the market to make a difference.

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Mind you, in every successful higher management is a group of independent ladies controlling the operational activities to reach the company’s annual goal.

single ladiesFinancially Stable

Since there are no other ways to spend money aside from clothes and accessories, women save their money for future use.  They have space to think; a simple apartment with a large closet will do.  Plus, single ladies don’t need a car.  They can walk on the streets flashing their classy heels.

If they get tired, a lot of gentlemen will offer them a cab.

Independent Calendar

Single women possess a large faction of time in society where they can still have fun.  If you’d rather spend your weekends with someone, call your girls instead.  Surely, they wouldn’t turn the invitation down.

No dates to remember, no partners to think of, just the single life and the rest of the world.

Statistically speaking, almost all of the noted successful women have stayed single for so long before they finally jumped into a long-term relationship.  The time spent alone with themselves has somehow given them some preparation for the future they now absolutely lavish with pride.

There’s no rush here.  Settle yourself first before deciding to get involved in a partnership.

More Privileges to Enjoy Before Settling Down

being singleIn most cultures, settling down isn’t limited to marriage; it can also mean when two lovers move in together under one roof.

Exciting, isn’t it?  However, it’s so sad to admit that the thrill will only be there during the first period of living together.  Then reality hits. Going through relationships can either be wonderful or painful.  There’s a bizarre kind of magic in loving someone that leaves everyone speechless.

The point is that no one could identify it as wrong until your life has already gone wrong. It’s safe to say that women tend to prolong their singlehood to lavish their needs with experiences that cannot be attained when they have already settled down with a partner.  This is the best thing about being single – that you’re able to save yourself from regrets in the future by living your single life to the fullest.


Well, this is a cliché to the definition of being single.  The best thing about being single is summed up in this one word.  Not that lovers exchange shackles to prevent the other from doing what he or she wants; it’s just that freedom is different when the strings aren’t attached.

Less Effort, Time, and Money

The best thing about being single is that you’ll exert less effort, time, and money since you only have to look out for yourself.  Unlike being in a relationship where you’ll have to be committed to your partner and be attendant to his needs, staying single can save you from all these troubles because you’ve only yourself to worry about.

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Staying single is the most effective way to thrift until the mall-wide sale so to say.  Give yourself time to relax, save some cash, and enjoy the little time for yourself that you won’t be able to in the future – that is, if you’re planning to settle down.  Mind you, these concepts will be a lot different when that time comes.

best thing about being singleCOMMITMENT is a Currency

The more men you commit to, the more you unconsciously value yourself.  Take note: no guy desires a girl who has been dumped a hundred times.  Worse, a girl known to be a dumper has never been a keeper.

The best thing about being single is the attention that you get from guys. Always appreciate this attention.  However, don’t ever give in to a well-pressed suit or flying cars – these luxuries can never define character.  This is one good reason why most women would like to stay single for quite some time.  The best thing about being single is that aside from the fact that you’re enjoying your freedom, you’re also saving your love and commitment for the right guy.

Guys Mature Later Than Women

Another reason to never rush things until you settle down is the fact that your partner might also need some time to mature.  Use this time as a learning period to understand your potential partner.  By this, you can then assess the other prospects around you as long as you find them sincere.

Being single or staying in a relationship has its own beauty.  However, the best thing about being single is enjoying the time of your life for a while – without obligations, without stress, without limitations, and most of all . . . without heartaches.

Being Single: The “No-Strings-Attached” Life

Even in Hollywood movies, the no-strings-attached romantic setup is being pictured as a whole lot of thrill while also being a stress-free kind of agreement.

At the end of the day, one fact will still stay – you’re single and the world can do nothing about it.

So how can you make the most of the no-strings-attached life and enjoy the best thing about being single?

Take it Easy

The best thing about being single is being able to take everything in a pace in which you can keep up with.  There are a lot of reasons for women to stay single – one of which may be to give it some time before jumping into the next relationship.  Please, that isn’t sexy.

What makes a single lady sexy is how she prolongs the agony for guys.  The longer she appears to be so close but so far and out of reach could drive guys crazy (guys love challenges!).

The secret here is the lapse of time ladies spend to save themselves from another broken relationship.  The longer the guy waits, the more he becomes worthy to be loved.

Active Dating

The best thing about being single is the possibility of being active in the dating scene. In a no-strings-attached setup, it simply denotes the opportunity to date more than one guy.  However, it takes a classy chick to thoroughly understand the hem between being reserved and being too available.  Yes, it’s a challenge, but it makes you totally beautiful.

Also, in this type of setup, you’re able to compare one guy to another.  You can never run out of options of whom to stick with for a very long time.  And this, my friend, is the best thing about being single.

Return and Exchange

Single life doesn’t have to be so hard.  The best thing about being single is that if you’re not yet ready, you can just wait and take your time without any pressure.  The good thing about being unattached to any relationship is that you’ve the power to stop it whenever you want.  If he isn’t a potential partner, why should you waste your time on him then?

The advantage of this kind of dating is for you to still be able to satisfy your longing for the romantic setup.  The no-strings-attached scheme could land you in both situations – feeling like you’re in a relationship yet still actively enjoying the best thing about being a single woman.

The Long-Term Basis

Actually, being single is one of the best years in a woman’s life.  After that, settling down or marriage life comes in.  In psychology, only a woman drowning with satisfaction finds marriage easy, like they were born for it.  These women particularly have no regrets within themselves.

being singleHow do you attain this?

These types of women have exhausted their potentials and energy during their single life and they got bored with it.  They have literally lived their lives to the fullest until they are content with memories instead of staying in singlehood.

It takes a very strong woman to feed her romantic needs without having to commit for a long-term partnership.  Mind you, this is going to be hard.

However, the beauty of such a life is impeccably interesting.

5 Misconceptions of Being a Single Woman5 Misconceptions of Being a Single Woman

Singlehood may not always be 100% all that it’s cut out to be; some people seem to think that living a single life is wonderful and exciting, while the rest believe that being single is a curse and is full of unhappy moments.

Everyone has their own perception about the single life – may it be good or bad – whatever it may be, we single women want to set things straight about the misconceptions of being a single woman in today’s society.

Misconception #1: Single Women Loathe Men

We don’t hate ALL men, just some of them (especially our exes who were complete jerks), but other than that, we don’t go around pissing off every man we meet.  Some people seem to think that we act arrogant and superior towards men, but honestly, we just don’t want to be looked down on and be treated differently just because of our gender; whatever men can do, we can do also (even better).

Treat us with respect and we will give you respect; that’s all there’s to it.

Misconception #2: Single Women Think All Men Are the Same

No, unfortunately, we all don’t think that all men are the same; if fact, that’s why we chose to be single because most of us are looking for the other type of men who will be totally different from those jerks we’ve dated in the past.  Singlehood is a period in life that allows us to make better choices, be patient, and just enjoy dating all the different types of men who are available out there. single woman

Misconception #3: Single Women Are Miserable

Now, don’t be too harsh.  We may be single, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are all living miserable lives.  Our life’s happiness doesn’t come to a complete stop just because we aren’t in a committed relationship; life goes on.

Happiness is a choice and being single allows us to decide to make the best out of our lives as independent women who are able to have fun, meet different walks of life, travel the world, exceed in our careers, and anything else that will help to improve our quality of life.  See?  Being single isn’t as miserable as others think it is, huh?

Misconception #4: Single Women Have Too High Expectations

People seem to believe that single women spend too much of their time reading romantic novels and getting swept up in the cheesy, happily ever after crap that they try to live up to its standards.  This is why single women become single because no man is ever good enough to be just the handsome protagonist they read in their novels.

Well, to tell you the truth, yes, we admit we do have high expectations towards the men we date — not because we want them to be just like leading male characters from our favorite romance novels — but we believe that every single woman deserves to be with a man who will treat her like a queen.  We won’t settle just for anyone – we are worth more than that.

Misconception #5: Single Women Will Date Anyone, Even your Man

Just because we are single and can date whoever we want doesn’t automatically mean we will run wild and hook up with just about anyone we meet at the clubs or any social gatherings.  Just like any other women, we have respect for ourselves – going around isn’t something we call fun.

We also definitely won’t date a man who’s already taken – trust us ladies, some of us have gone through that rough road and we vow to never be stupid again, so stop worrying about your man.

These bad misconceptions that people have towards women who are single changes how they perceive them, which oftentimes don’t always turn out to be so good.  The truth of the matter is that you can’t always believe whatever you see or hear from television or from the people gossiping around you.

No matter what, it’s best to always look at a person with a clean heart.  Try putting yourself in a single woman’s shoes and you will understand; you’ll be quite surprised at how much you can learn from them.

Top 5 Benefits of Being Single

Top 5 Benefits of Being SingleDo you want to know what single women are most grateful for when it comes to being single? Are you wanting to get out of a relationship, and wondering what life will be like as soon as you become single again?

Below are the top things that women enjoy and appreciate the most about being single:

1. You have more time

Scheduling dates to be with your significant other means you constantly have to set aside time for the relationship. Newly single women find out that the first thing they appreciate about being single again is that they have more time on their hands. Now that they have so much more time, what do you think they spend it on?

Anything they want basically: they can spend hours on a hobby or newly found passion without having to feel guilty that a significant other is feeling left out.

2. You have more space

Another major benefit of being single is having more space to yourself. Whether you lived with your boyfriend or not, being single again means you don’t need to allot and devote space for his stuff. We all know what it means to live with a man:it means sharing your fridge, bathroom, closet space, even the parking lot!

Having your own space (even if it’s a just a few square feet), is important for any woman and a great advantage of being single. You have full control of your space, what you do with it and what you do in it.

3. You can express yourself freely

Remember when a boyfriend told you: “why did you say that?” or “why did you tell this person so and so?”Yes, we all have heard comments like this before, and they mostly come from none other than our significant others. We soon realize that from then onwards, we have to watch what we say to anyone, whether in person or online.

I know a few women who do a lot of thinking and editing before posting on social media sites, as the BF might not be so happy with their online posts. None of this is needed of course if you’re single: you’re free to express yourself without holding back, allowing you to be more carefree and open. being single

4. You have less stress

Being with someone means compromising. Your preferences may not be in line with that of your partner, and to ensure harmony, you’ve to meet him in the middle.

If you’re used to giving way for someone else’s needs and wants and giving up things you love in order to make a relationship work, then it might be okay in the first few months of being together.

But if you find that you’re losing your identity and the delicate balance of compromise is tipping heavier from your side, then this might be a source of conflict in the future.

While you might tolerate and even enjoy having to compromise so much initially when you’re ‘deliriously in love’, you may find it too taxing on your part and too stressful to handle eventually when the ‘honeymoon period’ starts wearing off.

Overall, women find that being single is far less stressful; they are more relaxed when they don’t have to work towards any kind of concessions and can just be themselves.

5. You can do as you please

Yes, no more“honey, can I do this, can I do that…?” or “is it okay if I…?” The biggest thing we take for granted is our freedom, and as soon as we enter a relationship, we are then jolted to the reality of what coupledom entails: giving up our much-loved freedom.

While some are perfectly okay to give up certain liberties, a good amount of women stay single for the simple reason that they cannot imagine giving up their ‘passion’, ‘calling’, or even a beloved pet just so they can hang onto a partner. Says one woman who calls herself ‘happily single’: “I don’t believe in someone else telling me how I should behave and what I should do during the day; I’m happy with who and what I’m and won’t change that just to please someone…”

I spoke recently with a few friends who’ve recently ended long-term relationships. While they are still adjusting to singlehood, there’s a visible change in their appearance. They look better and they look more relaxed like a big weight has been lifted off of them.

They all agree that there are many benefits to being single again but that the biggest one is definitely having more freedom. According to one of them:“I didn’t realize I lost myself in that relationship until I ended it; now I got myself back…”

Things You Learn When You’re Single

Being single is being independent.  When you become someone who starts living for herself, you become stronger and you realize things that you did not realize before.

Here are 10 things you learn when you’re single.

1. Independence

You work for yourself now. You no longer depend on someone’s wealth or strength or presence. You start to know how to survive this life without anyone telling you what to do, how to do it, or where to go.

2. You become more stable, emotionally

You learn to control these emotions and have them directed at something that will benefit you as a person. single

3. You get to know yourself better

You get to know why you act the way you do, and you realize more about yourself than when you’re with another person.

4. You become goal-oriented

This time, it’s all about you and the things you’ve always wanted to achieve. You learn how to strategize and manage everything that you had and will have. You become more focused on your career.

5. You rediscover your friends and start having new ones

You reactivate your social life and realize that there were things that were not worth risking the friendship for. You now become friendlier and are able to make the moments of your life happier.

6. You concentrate more on studies, work, or learning new things

Now that you worry no more about what to wear on a date or what not, you can focus on the things you took for granted before.

7. You start to feel the contentment

You can buy what you want, do what you want, and go where you want. You finally do things for yourself and you indulge yourself in the things you were deprived of before.

8. Your family is number one on your list

You care more for your family- what you can do for them, how you can help them, and when to stay with them. You start prioritizing them and spending time with them when you’ve free time.

9. You develop more skills by having more hobbies

You tend to discover a lot of stuff you wanted to do before but never got the chance to. This also makes most of your free time worthwhile.

10. You start to see the good in people and start to seek a better person

You may begin to look at all people as good beings, and this is one moment where you start looking for the one. This time, you’ve better judgment, and by experience, you learn that the person you need is the one who knows what you learned by being single.

How to Be Happy in a Single Woman’s World

How to Be Happy in a Single Woman’s WorldHappiness is a state of well-being and satisfaction in one’s life. For some single women, the absence of a partner can sometimes have an effect on their happiness – some say that they feel unhappy, lonely, and uncared for – but the truth is they just don’t know how to find happiness in the midst of drought.

In a single woman’s world, happiness may seem like a difficult thing to find, but we’ve got four ways to show you how to be happy in a single woman’s world.

Think Ahead

Focusing on becoming successful in your career, getting excited for your next vacation, or looking forward to becoming a better woman are ways for you to stay positive. Thinking ahead to future plans helps to keep you motivated – to think positively about things to come.

Sometimes when present situations aren’t going your way, looking ahead can lift up your spirits and give you a feeling of happiness. be happy

Compliment Yourself

We all have our bad days, days when we don’t feel beautiful in our own skin, days when everything just doesn’t go the way we want them to. This is perfectly normal, but in order to overcome one of those bad days, you just simply need to compliment yourself.

Heartening words such as telling yourself, “You look good today” or “You’re a strong woman, and you can overcome anything” helps to develop an optimistic character.  Single women need to continually encourage themselves so that they can build up their self-confidence and become a better woman.

Find a Hobby

When women are preoccupied with something that they enjoy doing, they are most likely going to be in a better mood. Acquiring a new hobby is a great way to relieve stress – it’s a way to express how you feel, improve your skills, and challenge you in new ways.

Activities such as sewing, painting, dancing, or cooking are great examples of hobbies that you would want to improve your skills in. Find something that you’re passionate about, something you love to do, something that will make it less of a burden for you to accomplish – bringing you joy and excitement every time you’re doing it.

Make New Friends

There’s nothing more enjoyable than making new friends, creating memories, laughter, and sharing thoughts and ideas. Creating new relationships makes women be happy and joyful, and enthusiastic to share their life and build a certain bond that could last a lifetime.

For a single woman, the kinship they create with others cheers them up and makes them feel important, that they are loved and cared for despite their singlehood life.

Singlehood is a period in life that should not be taken for granted. Moping around and being miserable won’t get you anywhere – so why do it? Finding the light in the midst of singlehood will mold you into a much stronger, optimistic, and beautiful woman you could have never imagined.

All it takes is the right attitude and an optimistic mind that chooses to be happy despite life’s challenges.

8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Happy Single Woman

8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Happy Single WomanYou notice that while looking at your Facebook newsfeed, not a day goes by that one of your friends posts a couple of depressing status updates about how lonely and miserable their lives are because they are single.

Whining through social media won’t solve your marital status issues and neither will it make you feel any better. So instead of complaining about how your life sucks because you don’t have a special man in your life, try to look at the positive sides of being a single woman.

Not everything about being unattached and being on your own is as bad as it seems. We’ve got eight reasons why you should be a happy single woman.

1. Freedom

Ah yes, freedom. The amazing feeling of having the liberty to do whatever you want without having anyone to contradict your every move. Freedom is all yours when you’re single.

2. Time is in your hands

Remember when you used to be in a relationship with a guy who kept calling or texting you whenever you were out with your friends? It annoyed the heck out of you, right? Well, being on your own gives you full authority over the time you spend doing things you like to do. Time is all for yourself and with whatever and whomever you want to spend it with.

3. You earned it, you spend it

You work hours on hours at the office to save up for a new outfit or for your monthly rent, not for a significant other who just waits for a blessing to come his way. If you earned it, then you should be the only one who can enjoy its benefits. So go on and buy yourself something nice; you deserve it.

4. Flirt

There’s nothing wrong with flirting with your co-worker or that guy whom you keep bumping into at the local café; that is if you’re single. Being single gives you the freedom to enjoy making small talk with other single men without feeling guilty.

5. Choices are up to you

Whether you want to wear that sexy black dress, eat that additional slice of chocolate cake, or go out with your friends, the choice is up to you. Singlehood lets you take pleasure in making your own decisions for your own good. single woman

6. Explore the world

Been planning a trip to Europe? Go on a road trip to see all the latest attractions in your state? Well, all of these can be possible — if you’ve no commitments and no emotional attachments to a man.

A young, single woman in this modern world should be more daring to explore the world and make memories for themselves, not being stuck at work or confined in a serious relationship. You’re young; go make the best of it.

7. Be whoever/whatever you want

Some men become very bossy once they are in a relationship: telling you what to do, what not to wear, and constantly preventing you from being yourself. Singlehood permits you to have time to discover who you’re and what it’s you really want to do with your life.

8. Career advancement

Your boss is offering you a promotion; the problem is you would have to be relocated to a different city. What do you do? If you were in a committed relationship, you would have to consider what your partner would say and maybe even having to turn down the offer because he doesn’t approve of it.

Making a big career move for a single woman would be a very easy decision to make because you would base your decision on what you want, not what someone else wants. Big opportunities only come once in awhile; take it while it’s still there.

Singlehood isn’t as bad as what others may say; it all depends on how you embrace it and look beyond its disadvantages. Being single also has its benefits, and all of these reasons why you should stay single and happy can help to encourage you to rejoice in what you’ve before you complain about what you don’t have.

Embracing the Single Life

single lifeWhat comes next after going through the different stages of grief in divorce? Every divorce ends with you being single and independent once again.

After all the legal processes and paperwork have been executed, after everything has been said and done between you and your ex-spouse, and after having passed the different emotional stages and stages of grief in divorce, what  remains for you to do is to finally let go and move on with your single life.

To let go of the past and to move on with your life may seem like a very hard, if not impossible, thing to do, especially if the divorce happened just very recently and all the hurt and pain is still fresh.  But in time, when you’ve finally gone through the different stages of grief and when you’ve mourned and grieved properly for your lost love, letting go and moving on will become more bearable and will seem like the best and natural thing for you to do.

This is because the stages of grief in divorce are meant to give oneself some time to deal with the grief and loss that comes with the divorce, as well as some time for preparation for the major changes and adjustments that are expected to take place in your life during the post-divorce period.

The stages of grief in divorce, therefore, culminate with you embracing the single life.  After the divorce, and after accepting the reality that your civil status has changed, that there’s no more “us” but only “I” and “you,” the next step is to embrace your singledom while you reinvest fully in your own life.

So how do you embrace the single life after going through different stages of grief?

single lifeDon’t engage in a rebound relationship

Engaging in another relationship right after going through a divorce, or in what we call a rebound relationship, is never a good idea.  You won’t just hurt yourself more, but you’ll also hurt the other person.  And most often than not, rebound relationships last only for a very short time.  Instead of dipping right back into the love track, take some time off for yourself.  Make sure that you’re ready before you commit to another relationship.

Do something different

Have you ever wanted to do something like travel to some distant country or try a new sport but you haven’t had the time because of your marital obligations?  Then think again.  This time, you’re no longer attached; you’re now a free and independent woman. 

So if you want to follow Julia Roberts’ journey in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, this could be the best time for you to do it.

Don’t give up on life and love

Just because you’ve been hurt doesn’t mean that you’ll become a man-hater or a pessimist right after going through a divorce.  Instead, take this moment as an opportunity for you to learn valuable lessons and to improve yourself.  As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So never be afraid to make decisions.  Never be afraid to take risks.  Never be afraid to fall in love again.

The end of your marriage isn’t the end of your life and not the end of your quest for love and happiness; it’s just a detour, and your new found singledom is the start of the long journey ahead toward finding such happiness.

Take this moment to nurture what you have, to give time to yourself and to your children, to reconnect with your family and friends, or to explore a lot of new possibilities for yourself.  Just take this time to be yourself and to have fun. Embrace your singledom and live your single life to the fullest.

Single and Loving it!

single and loving itI’m single and I’m loving it. I can explore a whole new world.  I have time to go out on an adventure and not have to worry about whether somebody else likes what I’m doing.

My sightseeing options are unlimited.  I can go to places and experience other people’s cultures.  I don’t have to wait for a partner to check if he can go out with me.  I can go where I want.  I’m single and loving it, remember?

I can switch careers.  Having a partner requires considering what his thoughts are regarding my career plans.  Well, I don’t have to.  If my job doesn’t work for me and I have been itching to switch to a different career that I have been dreaming of, I can.  You know why? Because I can.

I don’t have to explain myself if I do something wrong.  My mom’s already super efficient at doing that; I don’t need another mom to explain myself to.

My social life is a little more vibrant and diverse.  I have time to hang out with relatives and friends.  I have chances to visit and get to know the people who surround me and just be happy with spending time together.

single and loving itI can improve myself and take better care of my health.  I have an opportunity to really think about me and work on the things that I need to develop.  I also have an opportunity to take care of other people who may need my help.

My time is my own.  I don’t need to rush when getting dressed because nobody is watching the clock and making me feel like I have been in front of the mirror for ten years.  I can relax and be happy that I’m in charge.

I have discovered who I am.  Being single doesn’t necessarily mean being alone and being lonely.  Being single has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and what I can become. It has taught me the value of time and what I can do with myself while I wait for something new to happen or someone new to be part of my life.  I have learned that I will never be ready to be in a relationship until I have fully understood my value and purpose.

I’m happy with what I’m and with what I have.  There’s no need to feel sorry for me.

I’m single and loving it!

3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single (For Your Own Success)

Some people believe that having a special someone, a significant other, a love partner, a boyfriend, or whatever you may call it’s a great source of inspiration for women in order to become successful in everything that they do.

It’s kind of like having a lucky charm, a lucky rabbit’s foot that you carry around hoping that it’ll give you a prosperous day ahead. It may not pertain to all single women, but I personally think  choosing to stay single has advantages for most women who are still aiming for success.

Being in a relationship can often times affect a woman’s thoughts and actions, which could further cause them to lose focus. Let’s admit it; we women usually let our emotions get the best of us and we let how we feel take control over our behavior. We let one small fight alter our mood for the rest of the day, possibly pissing off almost every individual that we encounter. That isn’t how we want others to remember us by – that lady witch!

stay single

Success can be achieved if you keep your eyes on what it’s you really want without letting anything distract you. Whether you want to become your company’s CEO, a movie star, a recording artist, a store manager, or a business owner, you can attain what you want to become by setting your goals, staying focused, doing anything that needs to be done, and of course choosing to stay single and unattached.

Singlehood has its perks, and I must say, this is one of them. If you still are not convinced to why being a single woman can be beneficial to your success, let me show you how:

No distractions, please

Men can be distracting. Yes it’s true. The way they eat, drink, sleep, and even breathe; there’s something about them that irks me and up until now I still can’t quite pin point what it really is. If I was on the verge of being promoted at work and my boyfriend kept making me sleep late and being a few minutes behind for work I would probably not get that promotion. Men have their ways of making us lose track of time and distract us from what really needs to be done. Stay single.

More time for yourself (and work)

Although some men don’t really like to admit it, they enjoy spending time with the woman in their life. They like to hog the time we could have spent volunteering, socializing, networking and improving our skills to become a better leader. Stay single.

It’s all about you, not them

Success may be good to be shared with someone special, but sometimes they can become jealous and want to bring you down rather than compliment you on your success. No matter how many achievements you will attain, having a negative person in your life can bring about stress and ruin your spirit. Don’t let him rain on your parade, pat yourself on the back, throw a party and celebrate! Stay single.

These three reasons should be convincing enough to make you agree with me and perhaps choose to stay single for a while. I’m not saying you should completely ban any man from coming into your life (I know that would be impossible), but if you’re at the peak in your life where you’re ready to conquer the world and become a successful super woman then please, stay single.

You may not see eye to eye with me now, but you will love me later.

Single, But Not Alone

Let me start by telling you that I’m a single woman and that I’m happy about being single.

Whenever people find out that I’m single, the first question that they ask me is “Are you happy?”  Yes, I’m happy with my current status in life, but whenever I answer this way, they either say that I’m lying or that I’m just in denial.

But the truth is, I’m happy with my life because though I’m single, I’m not alone.  It’s actually paradoxical that I’ve felt lonelier when I was still in a relationship than now that I’m single.  This is because I get to see and to mingle with a lot of people now more than ever.

Before, my life only revolved around one person, but now, my social horizon has been extended and I have been able to meet new friends and also widen my experiences.  And it really feels good.  It feels like freedom. single

I have to say that the myth that singledom is equivalent to loneliness is just that, a myth.  Being single isn’t a lonely and a miserable thing; rather, it’s a very liberating and an enlightening experience.

Now I have a lot of time to go out with my friends anytime and anywhere I want, I have the time to be with my family and with my other loved ones, I have the time to travel without thinking of other people, and I have the time to go out and meet new friends and just have fun without feeling guilty.

I may be single, but I’m definitely not alone.  Being single has made me appreciate all the important people in my life.  It made me realize that love and happiness can not only be found in a boyfriend, in a lover, or in a partner, but that it can also be found with the company of one’s own family and friends.

So how can I say that I’m lonely when I’m having so much fun?

In fact, I’m having the time of my life!

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