How to Use Clay Masks Properly

Clay masks appear to be the easiest skin care products to use at first blush.  Take, for example, the Aztec Clay Mask.  Since it’s among the particularly effective clay masks currently available on the market, there are those who’d assume that all they have to do is apply it onto their faces to enjoy its benefits of skin care.  We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but there’s more to using these skin care products properly than rubbing them onto your face.

To be sure, there’s no special way of applying a clay mask onto your face that could make it even more effective.  Using a clay mask is nothing like doing kung fu.  What you should be careful about is how long you leave it on your face.  According to skin-care experts, despite how reputable, or expensive, the clay mask you use on your face is, if you leave it on your face too long, it can irritate your skin and thereby cause you to have acne.

clay masksA clay mask is a skin care product that undergoes three phases: damp, moist, and dry.  It’s at the peak of its efficaciousness during the damp phase.  During this phase, not only can it absorb most effectively the harmful substances on, as well as beneath, the skin (e.g. bacteria, toxins, and excess sebum), but it can also transfer some nutrients into the body through the pores.

It begins losing some of its efficaciousness during the moist phase.  But during this phase, it cools and contracts.  The motion stimulates blood flow, which can serve as a signal to the body to begin healing the skin.

By the time it enters the dry phase, the clay mask will have lost all its efficaciousness.  It can neither absorb the harmful substances through the pores nor stimulate blood flow anymore.  It can neither act like a sponge nor stir the capillaries anymore.  It can absorb moisture from the body through the pores and thereby cause dehydration and skin irritation.  The symptoms are feeling dry, tight, and/or itchy in the face.

You may apply some facial cream to soothe your irritated skin, but you’ll be effectively risking clogging your pores by doing so.  You may wash your face but having to do so every time you use clay masks can turn into a chore.  It also proves that you’ve rendered the clay mask ineffective.  Not even the particularly effective clay masks, like the Aztec Clay Mask, can continue being efficacious if you leave it on your face too long.  So, no matter how relaxing it’s to apply a clay mask onto your face and soak in your tub with a glass of wine for as long as you’d like, you shouldn’t leave it on for too long.

No act of pleasure is worth putting yourself at risk of having acne.  Once you feel the clay mask is beginning to dry up, wash up and dry yourself with a clean towel.

Why You Should use a Clay Mask Even if You Have Flawless Skin

Just because your face is pimple-free now doesn’t mean it’ll stay unblemished forever.  Washing it regularly is a deterrent, not an assurance.  There are various causes of acne; dirt is only one, and being a teenager isn’t.

To improve your chances of keeping your face clear, we suggest you use a reliable clay mask, like the Aztec Clay Mask. Before we tell you all about clay masks, allow us to discuss further why you should take even better care of your face by using one.  It would be unwise to apply a skin care product onto such a delicate body part without knowing anything about it. Allow us to begin by explaining what acne is.

Acne is a skin condition where many small, swollen spots (i.e., pimples) sprout on a person’s face, neck, back, chest, and/or shoulders.  These spots will appear if the person’s pores get clogged with the dead skin cells he has shed along with the oil his body secretes normally through his pores (i.e., sebum).

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While it occurs commonly among teenagers, unfortunately, acne can occur any time in a person’s lifetime—if he doesn’t take good care of himself.  The causes of acne have nothing to do with being a teenager.  Apart from hormones, sebum overproduction, abnormal dead skin cells shedding due to skin irritation, and bacteria buildup on the skin due to poor hygiene, the causes of acne include diet and taking certain medications.

clay maskWhile it’ll be no picnic to have it on any of the other body parts, the face is easily the worst region of the body where acne can pop up.  Not only is it among the most visible body parts, even though we all wash it regularly, many of us are prone to having acne hereon.

The scalp normally sheds dead skin cells every day.  A lot of dirt, dead skin cells, and sebum can accumulate in the hair.  All these substances can find their way onto your face and clog the pores hereon.

Washing your face is like keeping your room clean.  Not tidying your room for several days will cause it to turn into a pigsty.  Not washing your face for even a few days can cause you to have acne.  If you do, you may cover up your pimples with some makeup but there’s no guaranteeing that it won’t irritate your face even more and thereby worsen your skin condition.

Among the most effective ways of preventing acne is using a skin care product designed specifically to help keep the face flawless.  To improve your chances for success, you should use a tried-and-true clay mask, such as the Aztec Clay Mask.

We learn to take good care of ourselves when we’re no longer kids.  Doing so is practicing good hygiene.  We do just fine until we reach a certain advanced age in which we need a bit of help in the form of skin care products.  Having explained to you why you should use a clay mask like the Aztec Clay Mask even if you’ve no pimples, we hope you’ll and never have to worry about your skin.

5 Things That Set Clay Masks Apart from Other Skin Care Products

The skin care product industry has grown to such a degree that we now have an ever-growing variety of skin products to choose from.  While having many options is good, there are those who might find choosing the most suitable ones overwhelming.  Take, for example, buying a clay mask.

The reliable ones, like the Aztec Clay Mask, contain various substances that all promise to make your skin flawless.  But many other skin care products promise the same, so what sets clay masks apart?  We assure you that there are several things about these skin care products that make them unique.

Here are some of the things we believe make clay masks particularly effective skin care products:

1. Clay Masks are Truly Safe to Use

Clay masks can help prevent acne by way of their key ingredients.  According to authors, the healing bentonite clay is currently added as the key ingredient to many of the skin care products currently available on the market for being particularly effective in treating skin conditions.

Healing clays are natural substances that indigenous peoples use for treating certain illnesses for thousands of years.  Thus, unlike chemical-based skin care products, clay masks that contain some bentonite clay as their key ingredient (e.g., the Aztec Clay Mask) are sure to be safe to use.

2. Clay Masks Provide Long-term Acne Prevention

Apart from helping people avoid acne, clay masks can also tighten pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.  Acne is unlikely to appear on skin that has tight pores.  The harder it’s for bacteria, excess sebum, and toxins to clog pores, the less likely pimples will appear on the skin.  The less dead skin cells there are on the skin to irritate it, the less likely pimples will break out here.  Most other skin care products can provide only one skin care benefit.

clay masks3. Clay Masks Provide Even More Skin Care Benefits

Both blackheads and whiteheads are caused by clogged hair follicles.  Since they can absorb the impurities on, as well as beneath, the skin, clay masks can also treat these skin conditions, making them truly versatile skin care products.

4. Clay Masks Aren’t Expensive

Unlike most other skin care products, you don’t have to use a clay mask daily.  You may do so as seldom as once a month and still be able to enjoy its skin care benefits.  As such, unlike other skin care products, a substantial amount of it can last for a long time before you’ve to buy some again.

5. Using Clay Masks is Also Good for Your Health

The natural substances added to clay masks contain nutrients that your body can absorb through its pores, thereby becoming even healthier.  Chemical-based skin care products do contain nutrients, too, but the chemicals they contain can also be absorbed into the body in which they might have adverse effects.

To enjoy all these benefits, purchase a reputable clay mask, like the Aztec Clay Mask.  You wouldn’t risk marring your flawless skin by purchasing just any skin care product, would you?

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