The Benefits of Bentonite Clay Detox in 2022

People of ancient times actually used “dirt” or clay to cleanse themselves—not of bad spirits or anything intangible, but of physical toxins present inside their bodies.

Now, history is clearly repeating itself, as more and more people are turning to the bentonite clay detox to get rid of harmful substances that are making them look and/or feel bad.

Let’s take a look at how it works and why you might benefit!

Bentonite Clay Detox Explained

The bentonite clay detox is effective because it has the ability to produce electrical energy when mixed with water, which is also present inside the human body. This electrical charge is the one responsible for sucking out the dangerous toxins in the body. No wonder it’s a very popular choice for people who want to cleanse. It’s often applied topically as masks and mud packs.

bentonite clay detoxBefore diving into the whole craze, you must first understand clearly what the real deal is. Why is it beneficial and what should encourage you to use it?

To help you decide, here are the Top 8 reasons why the bentonite clay detox is in demand:

It’s fast: The clay has the ability to absorb the toxins even before it’s carried by the blood. This is very important seeing that when the dangerous chemicals are already in the blood, it’ll be hard to get rid of it and it may reach various internal organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Colon issues: Most people, especially in the fast-paced cities, experience a lot of pressure and stress. These two can reduce the ability of the body to regularly get rid of waste matters. This subsequently can cause colon diseases. It’s a good thing that bentonite clay can also alleviate toxins in the colon.

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Promotes equilibrium: Our body has a natural pH (potential Hydrogen) that it must maintain to be able to function well. Improper diet and poor hydration contribute to the body’s imbalanced pH. If you’ve poor habits such as these, then you’ve more need for the bentonite clay detox because it’s homeostatic—meaning it can bring balance to the body.

Bentonite clay aids in digestion: What’s perfect about bentonite clay is that it not only removes harmful substances in the body, but it also helps you absorb all the needed nutrients, particularly the nutrients in food. That gives you the peace of mind that when you eat healthy, your body really absorbs the nutrients in the food.

No mercury rising: Although you don’t really go about consuming mercury because you know that it’s bad for you, you still don’t know for sure if your body is mercury-free. The bentonite clay detox has the power to remove mercury from the system safely, no risks involved.

Aids your liver: Your liver is constantly on war to keep you healthy. You’re not helping it by drinking too much alcohol or fatty foods (which are common parts of unwinding). The best solution is for you make it healthy by getting rid of the toxins that poison it. Best way to do that? Right. The bentonite clay detox.

Makes you sexy: Believe it or not, detoxifying using the bentonite clay can make you lose weight. It helps in digestion (given), but it also helps in your metabolism, making your body use the energy instead of just storing it as fatty deposits. With regular detox, your body will be able to notice the difference.

Salvage the skin: Since bentonite clay is mostly used externally, it can cure various skin conditions, especially the irritating ones like eczema, pimples, acne, burns, and itchiness due to insect bites. What’s more? If you’ve fine lines and wrinkles, bentonite clay can also reduce its visibility.

Bentonite Clay Detox –Detoxify Your Mind

As unbelievable as it sounds, the healing clay everybody has been talking about isn’t artificially made. It’s so unlike what you purchase in the beauty store both in terms of origin and in terms of effect.

Commercial clay may or may not be effective on your skin—alone. But the bentonite clay has the power to detoxify. It can get rid of the impurities externally and from within the body. And it has been going on for centuries.

Ancient times have long understood the power that is in bentonite clay. They used it to make their skin beautiful, and they took it in (as in drink it) to cleanse themselves of toxins. And yes, that clay is straight out of mother earth—volcanic ash mixed in water.

A lot of people will question two things, namely the safety of the bentonite clay detox and its effectivity. Let’s discuss the effectivity first, seeing that it’s easier to understand. The detox is very effective, and it has centuries of proof.

Unlike ordinary dirt, bentonite clay becomes electrically charged when mixed with water. On top of that, it’s highly absorbent. These two factors make it a very suitable agent in detoxifying the body. It sticks to the skin, sucks out dirt and grime, and presto—you’re cleansed.

Internally, the detox works when the clay passes through your digestive tract and absorbs toxins, getting rid of it. Effectivity is absolute.

Is it safe? When externally applied, absolutely. It’s 100% safe when made into masks and mud packs. It’s even safer than commercially produced masks because it’s all natural—no chemicals laced in it. When taken internally, though, it’s safe as long as it’s prepared correctly.

Regarding the issue of safety, should you wish to take it in to cleanse, you just have one simple rule to remember. Soak it in water for hours. Thirty minutes will make the cut, but it’ll be more effective if the powder stays in the water overnight. So, before bedtime, take 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay powder, mix it with water using a plastic spoon, and leave it be. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, preferably one hour before breakfast.

bentonite clay with waterKinds of bentonite clay:

  1. Sodium bentonite – can swell as it absorbs substances, thus it isn’t preferable for intake when undergoing a bentonite clay detox. It’s mostly used as a sealant—as in cement things so that water won’t leak. It’s most commonly used as the lining of artificial ponds, thus the term “Koi clay.”Can it still be used in detoxifying? Yes, just not by taking it in the human body. As of now, it’s being studied for its ability to absorb E. coli bacteria from food.
  2. Calcium bentonite – is the clay of choice for a bentonite clay detox. Years of studies have shown it to be safe for human consumption. Unlike sodium bentonite, it doesn’t swell even as it absorbs substances. This is the clay you’ll purchase when you want to make a detoxifying drink. As of now, the antibacterial property of calcium bentonite is under several studies.

Important notes:

  • When detoxifying using calcium bentonite, the clay must not touch any metal, as it diminishes the effectivity of the clay.
  • If you’re undergoing medications, wait for it to be finished before undergoing the detox, as the clay decreases effectivity of the medications.
  • A bentonite clay detox can also be used to decrease morning sickness and nausea, but to be sure, inquire first with your physician.
  • Store the clay in a cool, dry place. However, right before using, expose it to sunlight to further enhance effectiveness.

Let Your Hair Down With A Bentonite Clay Detox

You’ve heard of a bentonite clay detox for the skin, and you’ve certainly read about it being used to cleanse the body—some of you may ask if it can be used to have unbelievably smooth and silky hair. The answer? Absolutely!

Will it be uncomfortable? Well, seeing that you’ll apply a thick layer of mud on your hair, you’ll be out of your comfort zone for a while. After some time, though, you’ll be so amazed by the effect that the discomfort will wear off.

A bentonite clay detox for hair is best suited for girls who’ve fine hair that often becomes oily, but comments from all over the internet also suggest that the clay also has awesome effects on thick, frizzy hair.

It’s recommended to pamper yourself with this bentonite clay detox for hair at least once a week. If you’re not busy, you can even choose to do this twice every week. Over time, you’ll see that your hair is smoother, shinier, and stronger.

bentonite clay for hairBentonite clay detox for the hair


  • 1 cup water (you can also used brewed tea of your choice)
  • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
  • ¾ cup bentonite clay
  • 10 drops of chosen essential oil (optional)


  1. Before starting out, make certain that you don’t let any form of metal touch the clay all throughout the procedure. The clay becomes electrically charged when mixed with water, and having it in contact with metal can result in decreased effectivity. When preparing, use a plastic bowl, and when mixing, use a wooden or plastic spoon.
  2. Pour the water or tea together with the apple cider vinegar in a plastic bowl.
  3. Begin adding clay to the mixture. Try incorporating one tablespoon of the clay at a time and then mix. Continue adding clay and then mixing until you reach a slightly pasty and runny consistency. As much as possible, your bentonite clay should have the consistency of yogurt.
  4. Add the essential oil of your choice and mix again.
  5. Store in an airtight plastic container and leave overnight before using. This is necessary because the clay is more effective when it’s really soaked in water for a longer period of time.
  6. Directions for use: Massage your hair with a handful of the clay from the roots to the tips. Make sure that you get as much of the hair covered by the clay as possible. Once satisfied, leave it for 5 minutes, or even 20. Just be careful: don’t let the clay dry on your hair. Rinse well with water, or again brewed tea with added apple cider vinegar.


If you really want brewed tea into your bentonite clay detox instead of water, you can use the following recipe. Lavender has a great scent. When you include this tea in your recipe, you may opt to not add the essential oil.

Lavender Tea

  • ½ cup mint leaves
  • 2 tbsp. dried lavender


  1. Mix the mint leaves and dried lavender in an airtight container.
  2. Take 2 teaspoons and brew it in a cup of water.

Note: The tea recipe above is just a suggestion; you can use another recipe that you think will suit your hair better.

The best thing about a bentonite clay detox is that you can be assured of its effectiveness. Bentonite clay is all-natural, and it cannot do you any harm, but the real deal is that it can powerfully detoxify the hair. It gets rid of the excess oil and dirt. If you’re tired of switching from one ineffective shampoo to the next, you should try this one.

Why Bentonite Clay is the Most Popular Healing Clay for External Detoxification

Have you ever wondered what goes into the mud bath offered at your favorite spa?  If you haven’t, it’s not just made of garden-variety mud.  Commercial mud baths consist, in large part, of natural substances possessing certain properties all beneficial to your health.  This is the reason why a mud bath can make your skin look as healthy as when you were a kid.

Nowadays, the popular substance of which mud baths consist most is bentonite clay.  Since it’s a healing clay, most of its uses are beneficial to skin care, making this natural substance a potent ingredient in skin care products

But before we delve into bentonite clay’s uses, it would be best to tell you all about this remarkable healing clay.  You wouldn’t use a skin care product you know nothing about, would you?

bentonite clayBentonite clay is one of the healing clays found in nature that indigenous peoples started using for self-treatment as early as when Ancient Mesopotamia existed.  Healing clays can help treat skin conditions, such as chicken pox, eczema, and psoriasis.  Healing clays can also help a patient rid himself of the poisonous substance or substances within his body.

Healing clays can do so by way of the properties they have.  For instance, healing clays are able to help treat certain skin conditions because they are capable of drawing and then absorbing the toxins within the body through the skin or when consumed.  Healing clays can also prevent bacteria from invading the body.

According to authors, bentonite clay is one of the most efficacious healing clays.  If you haven’t yet seen it, bentonite clay is flour-like in texture, delicate to the touch, and can be grey or cream in color.  The healing clay’s color is a result of being made of aged volcanic ash containing calcium, iron, magnesium, silica, sodium, and potassium.  But the healing clay emits no odor and leaves no stains.

Bentonite clay is known for its capacity for absorbing harmful substances, such as certain chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.  When it mixes with a fluid, bentonite clay expands, like a sponge, and then draws into itself the harmful substances with which it comes in contact.  Bentonite clay is able to do so through electrical attraction.

For instance, since it has a strong negative charge and most toxins have a positive charge, when some bentonite clay comes in contact with some toxins, the former will draw in the latter, like opposite poles of a magnet, and then absorb it.  Bentonite clay can also help the body absorb oxygen, as well as cause an alkalizing effect therein, which authors say is beneficial to health.

Although it’s still as effective in treating infections as ever before, bentonite clay’s uses that pertain to skin care are now more employed than its uses that pertain to treating infections.

In fact, apart from being the main ingredient in commercial mud baths, bentonite clay’s uses pertaining to skin care include serving as a skin care treatment you could easily do yourself right in the comfort of your own home.

Bentonite Clay Detox: Be Clean, Relaxed, and Healthy

There’s nothing in this world like bathing in a tub of warm, bubbly, aromatic water.

Your aches will disappear, your mind will be put at ease and you’ll be able to decompress.

But do you know that adding some bentonite clay to your bath water will turn your bath into a bentonite clay detox that can help you remain all right?

To be precise, adding some bentonite clay to your bathwater every time you take a bath can draw out the toxins within your body, helping you stay healthy.

The clay does so through electrical attraction and adsorption.  Once it mixes with water, the clay expands like a sponge.  The clay will then attract the toxins to itself through your skin like a magnet.

The clay has a negative electrical charge, and the toxins have positive electrical charges, so the latter will be drawn to the former like an end of a magnet to the opposite end of another magnet. Once the clay attracts the toxins to itself, the former will absorb the latter, effectively removing them from your body.

If you’d like to prove this for yourself, here’s a simple, easy, and effective recipe for a DIY bentonite clay detox:


1/4 cup of bentonite clay

A tub of water


  1. Pour the bentonite clay into the tub.
  2. Mix together the bentonite clay and the water.
  3. Enjoy.

bentonite clay detoxTip

  1. Use no tool to mix together the bentonite clay and the water. The motions could cause bits of the tool to come off, mix together with the solution, and have an adverse effect. Mix together the clay and the water with your hand instead.
  2. Bathe in warm water. The heat can cause your pores to open up, thereby enabling the solution to easily seep into your skin and draw out the toxins within your body.
  1. Bathe for at least 20 minutes. This would be enough time for your pores to open up. Bathing quickly gives the solution little time to seep into your skin and draw out the toxins within your body, rendering it not as effective as possible. Bathing too long is unnecessary and potentially harmful.
  1. Use a loofah, a washcloth, or a piece of pumice. Basically, bentonite clay is dirt. To be precise, bentonite clay is a substance found in nature that is made mainly of aged volcanic ash that contains silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Despite how well you wash yourself, there’s no guaranteeing that none of the bentonite clay will remain on your skin and clog your pores, which can cause you to have a skin condition.  Scrubbing with a loofah, a washcloth, or a piece of pumice helps wash away the bentonite clay, preventing it from sticking around.  But make sure the loofah, washcloth, or piece of pumice is always clean.  No matter how well you scrub yourself, if it’s teeming with bacteria, the bentonite clay detox will be rendered ineffective.

Taking a bath is so much more than washing one’s self.  Doing so also gives us time to unwind, calm our minds, and recharge.  Given the above instructions for a bentonite clay detox bath, we hope doing so will also help you be as healthy as possible.

Bentonite Clay Detox: How Dirt Can Save Your Life

In case you’ve only now read about it, bentonite clay isn’t Play-Doh.  Basically, it’s dirt.  As such, it’s unlikely that you’d eat a handful of it.  You’re no longer five, are you?  But what if we told you that ingesting some bentonite clay, which is needed for a bentonite clay detox to work, is a way that you could stay healthy, thereby prolonging your life.

Similar to a juice detox, a bentonite clay detox requires you to drink a solution that contains some of this clay.  Since it’s essentially loose soil, you might ask, why would I do that?—won’t I get sick?  Not only is it safe to consume, doing so will also have greater positive effects in your health than consuming some ‘detox juice’.

Bentonite clay is a ‘healing clay’.  Also referred to as medicinal clays, healing clays are substances found in nature that consist of soil, minerals, metal oxides, and organic matter.  Ancient indigenous peoples discovered that these natural materials have healing properties and thus started using them for medicinal purposes.  The indigenous peoples all over the world still do so.

The popular healing clay now, according to authors, is bentonite clay.  They say so because this healing clay is the most effective one of all in removing the harmful foreign substances within the body.  The healing clay does so through adsorption and electrical attraction.  The process begins once the healing clay mixes with water.

Like a sponge, the healing clay expands and then draws the harmful substances into itself and keeps them within.  It’s able to do so through electrical attraction.  For example, bentonite clay emits a negative charge, and toxins emit a positive charge, so the former will attract the latter once they come in contact with each other, like magnets.

Thus, when you consume a solution containing some bentonite clay, the solution will draw into itself as much of the harmful substances within your body as possible.  When you pass the solution, your insides will be left as clean as possible.  This is how a bentonite clay detox works.

A juice detox works in a different way.  Although they promise to cleanse your insides, what the juices will be able to really do is cause you to lose weight fast.  They do so by requiring you to consume nothing but the recommended juice for several days.  During this time, the body breaks down due to being deprived of several of the vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis to remain healthy.

It goes without saying that such deprivation is harmful; worse, it’s likely that the dieter will regain all the weight he lost when he stops undergoing the juice detox.  Undergoing a bentonite clay detox won’t cause you these problems because it isn’t a diet; it’s a way of preventing the accumulation of harmful substances within your body, which authors say is among the main causes for diseases.

How fortunate then that you could easily perform a bentonite clay detox yourself right in the comfort of your own home.  The solution is easy to make.

Bentonite Clay Detox: Wash Away the Dirt in You Using Dirt

We drink various substances for many reasons.  We drink water to live.  We drink beer to enjoy ourselves.  We drink medicine to treat whatever ails us.  Most medicines we drink can be bought at a store, which means we don’t have to make them ourselves.  While there’s nothing wrong with such convenience, we ought to explore other options.  There are treatments safe to use, easy to make, and can be prepared ourselves right in the comfort of our homes.  Case in point: bentonite clay detox.

bentonite clayAs its name implies, the bentonite clay detox is an internal treatment for removing harmful substances from the body.  It’s able to do so by way of the healing properties of its main ingredient, bentonite clay. In case you’ve only now read about it, bentonite clay is a healing clay.

Also referred to as medicinal clays, healing clays are natural substances that indigenous peoples have been using for medicinal purposes since the ancient times.  To be precise, they used these clays for treating infections.

Authors say bentonite clay is currently the popular healing clay.  It’s surprisingly effective in treating infections.  For instance, bentonite clay can remove the toxins within your body through electrical attraction and adsorption.

When it combines with water, this clay expands.  When applied onto the skin, the clay can draw to itself the toxins within the body, like a magnet.  The clay has a negative electrical charge and the toxins that have positive electrical charges. Once they come in contact with each other, the clay will draw the toxins into itself and keep them within.

When you wash yourself, both the clay and the toxins will be washed away, leaving you as toxin-free as possible.  As such, your chances of staying healthy are significantly improved.

Consuming some bentonite clay will have the same effect.  You need not worry that it won’t be safe to do so.  As a natural substance, this clay contains no harmful substances.  It also can’t be absorbed into your body.

If you’d like to prove all these for yourself, here’s a recipe for an easy-as-pie DIY bentonite clay detox that we trust will work:


1 tsp of some bentonite clay

8 oz of water


  1. Pour the water into a glass.
  2. Pour in the bentonite clay.
  3. Stir together these ingredients.
  4. Enjoy the resulting bentonite clay detox solution.


  1. Stir using a nonmetallic utensil. Metals can carry contaminants, such as mercury. If you use a metallic spoon to stir the ingredients together, there’s no guaranteeing it carries no contaminants that might have adverse effects in the solution; worse, the contaminants will end up within your body in which they could cause you to fall ill.
  1. Drink the solution only once a day.Drinking it more times than this is unnecessary.
  1. For starters, we suggest drinking the solution for a month, four consecutive days a week, while taking a two-day break in between. We believe this would be enough time for you to experience the results.
  1. Once you’re used to it, you may start drinking the solution for six consecutive months a year, and whenever you feel bloated or unwell.

Given the above recipe for a bentonite clay detox, we hope you’ll be able to easily remain healthy.

3 Ludicrous Myths About the Bentonite Clay Detox

While all myths may be considered entertaining, believing in some can be dangerous.  For instance, taking certain myths to heart might make us do foolish things that could result in harm to ourselves.  Take, for example, the myths about the bentonite clay detox.

As far as we’re concerned, the bentonite clay detox is one of the safest ways to remove the harmful substances from our bodies.  It involves consuming a solution that contains the healing clay.  Also referred to as medicinal clays, healing clays are substances found in nature that have an amazing capacity for removing the unsafe materials.

Ingested or applied onto the skin, the healing clays can absorb the contaminants.  When you pass them, or when you wash them off, the harmful substances will be removed from your body.  Healing clays can’t be absorbed into your body, so none of it’ll remain when consumed, making it safe to do so.

Yet many believe having a bentonite clay detox is unhealthy.  Assuming so prevents them from experiencing the detox’s positive effects in health, so allow us to debunk some of the myths about it that we find absurd, to prove that the detox is safe indeed:

1. Consuming Bentonite Clay Can Lead to Illness

Consuming bentonite clay can make you constipated, but this is all the discomfort it can cause.  It can’t make you’ve a life-threatening disease.  As the healing clay cleans out your insides, buildup occurs in your colon.  The buildup consists of the harmful substances drawn by the healing clay.

If there are a lot of harmful substances, you’ll experience constipation.  You’ll feel better within a few days.  To ensure you’ll feel so, drink the recommended daily amount of water.  Doing so helps ensure you’ll pass all the unsafe materials and thus feel good once again.

bentonite clay detox2. Bentonite Clay Can Absorb All the Nutrients Your Body has Obtained

Bentonite clay emits a strong negative electrical charge, and the harmful substances in our bodies emit a positive electrical charge, so when the former comes in contact with the latter, they will be drawn to each other, like magnets.

Some of the nutrients your body has obtained do emit a positive electrical charge, too, so they can be drawn to the healing clay as well.  But there’s no evidence of the healing clay being able to draw and absorb all the vitamins and minerals.

3. Bentonite Clay Can Absorb All the ‘Good Bacteria’ Found in Your Digestive Tract

The good bacteria are microorganisms that help your body obtain nutrients from food.  Not only isn’t there any evidence of the healing clay being able to draw them along with the unsafe materials, but it also promotes the development of the bacteria, as well as prevents the development of disease-causing bacteria, in the digestive tract.

As the existence of myths about bentonite clay detox proves, new or different things are always met with a degree of reservation.  While there’s nothing wrong with being cautious, being extremely careful could limit the benefits we can receive.  Having debunked the above myths, we hope you’ll be able to experience all the healthy benefits that a bentonite clay detox can give.

Bentonite Clay Detox – The External Wonders

You know the mechanism that makes the bentonite clay detox effective, and you know the different benefits that it can bring you, but you still don’t know how to properly detoxify using the bentonite clay.

Today is your lucky day because this article will let you in on the twists and turns of bentonite clay. But since you’re just beginning to see its beauty, we will start with the basics–you’ll learn how to use it and what to remember when detoxifying with it.

For now, we will just discuss how to use the bentonite clay detox externally; the next article will discuss how to use it to cleanse the body from the inside. A good starting advice is to always keep bentonite clay handy in your household. After this post, you’ll really appreciate bentonite clay more deeply.

A very important note: Do you remember when we discussed that bentonite clay can produce an electrical charge when mixed with water? And that it’s the reason why it’s an effective detoxifying agent? Well, now you’ve to remember that the clay’s ability to produce that electrical charge can be diminished when it comes in contact with anything that is metal. So for the following procedures, never let the clay touch anything that is metal. Use a glass container, or a plastic one. When mixing is needed, use a plastic spoon.

Main procedure for external bentonite clay detox: Mix several spoonfuls of clay with clean water. Mix it until you come up with a pasty consistency. You can play with the amount of clay and water because it’ll depend on how much will be needed. For example, if you’re just going to use it to relieve itchiness from insect bites, only a small amount is needed, more if you plan to make a facemask or even add it to your calamine lotion.

For minor skin issues like insect bites, blemishes, and small cuts: Place the pasty clay on top of the area to be treated. Let it stay there until it dries off and then rinse with water.

For severe skin conditions such as scalds, burns, and deep cuts: Take a heavier portion of the clay and cover the area to be treated with a thick layer. Cover the clay with a wet gauze or clean cloth and let it stay there for approximately two hours. Rest the skin for an hour and do the procedure again until the discomfort is put to a minimum.

bentonite clay face maskFor supreme pampering with a bentonite clay facemask: Cover the face with a slightly thick layer of the pasty clay and leave it be for 20-25 minutes.  Rinse with water. This procedure is best effective when done twice a week. This is perfect because some of the spas that you know in town also offer this kind of service.

Bathing with bentonite clay: This doesn’t require you to make a paste out of the bentonite clay and water. The instructions are pretty simple; before hopping into the tub with water, mix ¼ cups of bentonite clay powder in it.  Bathing with bentonite clay is effective in making the skin softer and smoother.

Baby powder: If your baby is suffering from rashes, a bentonite clay detox is effective in getting rid of them. Just carefully lather the clay powder on the area with rashes and let it stay there. Faster results will come from applying a clay mask over it (same instructions with a bentonite clay facemask).

To date, many uses of the bentonite clay detox are still being discovered. It’s a really good idea to always keep an ample amount of the bentonite clay in your pantry. The next article will tackle how bentonite clay is used for internal cleansing.

Bentonite Clay Detox— The Internal Wonders

Congratulations on learning how to properly externally detoxify using the bentonite clay. The next step is to maximize the benefits of this substance by taking it in—as in making it a healing food for your body. Although the instructions are simple, care and caution is still a must, seeing that incorrect preparation may not only hinder the detoxifying effects, but it may also cause danger to your body.

No matter how healing the bentonite clay is, you must keep in mind that it’s still, by nature, clay. It’s so unlike the typical soft food that you consume. It’s denser and heavier. You take it in correctly and it’ll pass through the digestive system to absorb the toxins and get rid of it. An improper bentonite clay detox can dry the linings of the digestive tract, and more alarming is that it can also block it.

Here are general instructions on how to use bentonite clay internally:

Prepare 1 teaspoon of the clay powder and mix it in a full glass of water. Do you drink it right away? No. You have to remember that the clay must be soaked. Thirty minutes is the minimum soaking time, but it’s highly preferable to let the powder sit there overnight. Thus, the best way to do this is to prepare it before bedtime. The longer that the powder is soaked, the more it turns the water into a detoxifying agent. And again, remember that you should not mix it with a metal spoon.

When done internally,the detox must be taken on an empty stomach. So drink it an hour before a meal. It’s also not advisable to detoxify when you’re required to take medications, as the clay tends to take the effectivity of the medications away. Start your bentonite clay detox after your medication regime.

Bentonite clay is stored in a dark place, but when you’re about to use it, you can expose it mildly to sunlight as it activates the electrical charge present in the mixture.

Specific instructions for the bentonite clay detox:

bentonite clay internalMorning sickness: If you’re pregnant and are heavily suffering from morning sickness and nausea, you can opt for the bentonite clay detox. ½ teaspoon in a glass full of water is enough, but just to be sure, you must still ask your physician if it’s okay for you and your baby.

Bentonite clay detox – on food: If you’re worried about the food that you serve your family and think that, in some way, they are laden with harmful chemicals, or worse, radiation, you can use bentonite clay to detoxify the fruits and veggies.

Just mix a part of clay powder with 8 parts water, stir using a plastic spoon, pour it in a bowl, and toss your fruits and veggies in there. Make sure that all the surfaces of the foods are covered, and let them stay there for up to 10 minutes.

Heavy metal poisoning: Mercury and lead are examples of heavy metals that should not be consumed by the body. They pose great dangers to the vital organs and can even cause disease. If you suspect that you or your family member is experiencing heavy metal poisoning, resort to the bentonite clay detox. Mix 1 tbsp. of clay with 8 oz. water—drink it and continue drinking it daily for 4 weeks. While doing this, make sure that you’re also hydrating properly and consuming enough fiber because they also help indetoxifying.

The bentonite clay detox is proving day after day that it has a lot to offer; the only fix is for you to prepare and use it properly. More than just cleansing, it can also save you from life-threatening poisons.

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Amy Taylor
Hi, I'm Amy, the Beauty section editor for Independent Femme! I've worked at a cosmetics distribution company for a number of years and learned my way through beauty tricks by making a ton of mistakes along the way. I'm here to ensure you don't make the wrong choices some of my former clients and I made!

You'll find me at all the trade shows and I'll be listing my appearances and speaking dates soon!

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