Why Make Your Own Homemade Facial Exfoliator?

Why Make Your Own Homemade Facial Exfoliator?

When we talk about exfoliating and taking care of our faces and skin, what first comes to mind are relaxing spa and facial treatments (especially if we have those sessions with our girlfriends) and facial scrubs that we can buy from pharmacies, grocery stores, and beauty shops. But don’t you know that we can also look for natural exfoliants in our kitchens and make our own facial exfoliators from them?

Things to Look Forward to When You Are 30

Things to Look Forward to When You Are 30

A lot of people dread reaching their 30s. I personally dreaded the day I turned 30. I felt like I was going through a horror movie (and mind you, I hate horror movies!). I felt old. Super old. Well, until I realized it wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be. And for those of you who are turning 30, fret not! It really isn’t bad at all. Sure, 20s sound a lot better than 30s, but there are a lot of good things about being in your 30s.

Taking a Polygraph [Top 4 Things to Know]

There is nothing magical about a polygraph test. You go in, follow the rules, and then hope for the best outcome. Instead of getting worked up over future results, keep these four tips in mind before taking the test.  1. Stress Works Against You One of the leading causes of polygraph test failure is stress. … Read more

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay Detox in 2022

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay Detox

Albeit not common knowledge, people of the ancient times actually used “dirt” or clay to cleanse themselves—not of bad spirits or anything intangible, but of physical toxins present inside their bodies. Now, history is clearly repeating itself, as more and more people are turning to the bentonite clay detox to get rid of the harmful substances they have, that, in some way are making them feel bad.

Causes of Overly Dry Skin [And What To Do About It]

If you suffer from dry skin, you understand how much discomfort it can cause. Dry skin results in tightness, flakiness, redness and an increase in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You may be wondering what makes your face skin dry. If so, it’s important to realize that there are numerous causes for dehydrated … Read more

Getting Rid of Chapped Lips [4 Steps That Work]

When there’s a drier than usual environment, it’s easy enough to develop chapped, cracked or overly dry lips. They are one of the most tender and sensitive parts of our bodies, and being exposed to the outdoor environment can be difficult.  If you suffer from occasional chapped lips, it’s important to take steps to get … Read more

Beauty Defined: The Facial Features of Perfection

Selsun Blue Review

As much as we all like to find beauty in many things, human beauty tends to be defined by physical looks. While it can be hard to pinpoint what’s considered perfectly beautiful, we’re sure that you’re interested. In fact, it’s quite funny that a group of people can all just look at a few pictures … Read more

Inner Beauty: Natural Ways to Bring Yours Out [Top 5 Tips For 2022]

5 Natural Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Beauty

Are you beautiful? Do you feel beautiful? It’s so easy to feel beautiful when your face is made up and your hair is styled. Feeling beautiful without any makeup on, however, is a totally different story. Most women actually struggle with being comfortable with their own body and accepting who they are –flaws and all – so that they have to depend on cosmetics in order to improve their self-image.

We Have Acquired GlamSpin.com

glamspin fidget spinner and lipgloss

The website glamspin.com was merged with independentfemme.com when we acquired it on February 16, 2022. We are excited to have visitors to that site and those interested in the Glam Spin product join us here on Independent Femme Women’s Magazine! Let’s find out a little bit more about this fun and exciting product for girls … Read more

Top Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup [And How To Stop]

Stop Wearing Makeup

When it comes to the benefits of not wearing makeup, two of the most common things that come into mind are its financial and health benefits. It isn’t really a secret that there are foundations that can be as expensive as $50 per bottle and that there are a lot of cosmetic products on the market that contain harmful and downright poisonous chemicals such as lead.

Homemade Rejuvenating Moisturizing Face Masks [Updated For 2022]

Simple and Healthy Homemade Moisturizing Facemask

Are you ready to take that well-deserved vacation and get some me-time to focus on getting you and your raging acne relaxed? Well, here are some homemade acne face masks that are sure to give you the kind of rejuvenating and pampering that your skin deserves. Ready?

Dry Scalp: Top Tips for Healthier Hair in 2022

Scalp Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Every woman would love to have beautiful hair. But every woman has to know that hair doesn’t come in a different package. Want to know the secret to beautiful hair? It starts from a healthy scalp. If you’ve a healthy scalp, it means that the hair that grows from it’ll definitely and absolutely be healthy, too. So how do you keep a healthy scalp and how do you get rid of dry scalp if you already have it? Read on to get some ideas.

Hair Breakage Treatment: Do’s & Don’ts For 2022 [Updated List]

Hair Breakage Treatment Celebrity Hair Secrets Unveiled

Flipping through those magazines, you can’t help but notice the beautiful and lustrous hair that these gorgeous celebrities flaunt. Wonder how they do it? Well, other than the fact that they have their own stylists and that they have the money to pay for eye-catching hair and hairstyle, they also have their hair care secrets that they are willing to share so you can have hair just like theirs. If that doesn’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will. So anyway, if you’re looking for hair breakage treatments and other hair care advice from celebrities, here’s a list I have compiled for you.

Fuller Lips Naturally: How to Plump Your Pout [New For 2022]

Fuller Lips Naturally: Kiss Artificial Lip Fillers Goodbye!

Dreaming of that famous Angelina Jolie pout? I bet a lot of women are. And if there’s something stopping anyone from getting her dreamy full and luscious lips, it’s probably what it takes and what it costs to get it. The good news is that you can certainly plump your pout just like Jolie’s. No, it doesn’t require your entire life savings, nor does it require those dreadful needles. You can achieve fuller lips naturally without worrying about nasty side effects and even bankruptcy. Are you ready to make your dream come true? Here are some amazing ways to pull off fuller lips naturally.

Getting Rid Of Pesky Stretch Marks [DIY Tips That Work Today!]

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Do you feel horrible at the sight of your stretch marks from your pregnancy? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out which product to buy and what to eat and what to do to get rid of them? You must be really stressed out from not being able to flaunt your body because of your ugly striped scars. Well, stop worrying! Here are some remedies you can do at home to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks:

Classy Lady Quotes For 2022

Classy Lady Quotes for Moving On

Moving on from someone or something is one of the most emotionally challenging experiences that we can possibly face. Whether it’s moving on from a past love, from a divorce, from the death of a loved one, or to a new career or a new city, moving on in general is never that simple.

Homemade DIY Acne Masks [Definitive 2022 Guide]

3 DIY Masks to Help you Lose your Acne Issues

Your skin is important. It’s your body’s first line of defense against a harsh and hostile world. It keeps out germs. It keeps you cool by sweating. It gives you that beautiful complexion, and what would you be without that? Skin can take a pounding, but sometimes it needs some help. When acne and pimples invade your all-important epidermis, don’t freak out and don’t give into the urge to buy expensive and harsh chemical-based cleansers. Clearing the oil and germs that are clogging pores and giving you acne can be as easy as a trip to your pantry or local grocer’s. Milk, honey, egg whites, and papaya all have skin-helping agents that can be used in homemade acne masks and help you nip those pesky pimples in the bud.

Get Rid of Your Forehead Acne in 2022! [Top Tips]

Quick Fixes to Get Rid of Your Forehead Acne

The appearance of pimples on your face can affect your confidence and make you feel miserable despite your beautiful face. Although having pimples or acne is something that is considered critical, it still requires special attention from you, as the more you ignore it, the less likely it’ll go away. There are tons of tricks and advice that tell you how to get rid of your forehead acne. And because there are just so many remedies out there, I’m sure you might end up overwhelmed and just give up altogether. The good news is if you’re looking for easy and quick ways to get rid of your forehead acne, I have collected some that have been proven to work and work fast on those ugly pimples. Read on to find out.

Daily Guide for your Acne-Prone Skin [And Amazon’s Best Acne Products For 2022]

Daily Guide for your Acne-Prone Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in the body that protects you from just about anything you come into contact with while keeping you in one piece. But what if that organ that keeps you together is falling apart because of acne? Do you immediately start looking for products sold on the market that promise to restore your skin’s awesome condition? Now hold your horses. Before you start gracing your cabinet with chemical-packed products to resolve your issue, you might just want to look at the basics. How about a basic daily skin care routine that you should always take into consideration before wasting money on expensive products to get rid of your forehead acne? If you’re ready, then here are some tips you can follow for your acne-prone skin.

How to Fade Acne Scars [The 2022 Authority Guide]

How to Fade Acne Scars Through Fruits and Vegetables

Contrary to popular belief, going under the knife and spending a lot of money isn’t the only option that you’ve when it comes to removing acne scars from your face. This is because you can always use fruits and vegetables in order to make DIY masks and other facial products that are guaranteed to be safe, affordable, and effective. Here are some of the most recommended types of fruits and vegetables for the job as well as tips on how to fade acne scars using these ingredients.

Comprehensive Guide To Getting Rid of Shaving Bumps [2020 Updates]

If you’ve followed all of the tips for how to get rid of shaving bumps that we’ve provided here yet you still suffer from these prickly, stinging, unsightly, tiny skin growths, you might be asking yourself: What do I do now? Is there any hope for me of ever treating this skin irritation? Relax; there are various topical remedies for razor bumps currently available on the market from which you may choose. To save you from the hassle of sifting through them all to find the best one for you, here are 5 that we find particularly effective:

Homemade Facial Exfoliators [Comprehensive 2022 Guide]

Unusual, Strange, Weird, But Effective Homemade Facial Exfoliator Ingredients That You Must Try

We’ve all tried weird, unusual, and strange stuff all in the name of beauty in one way or another. I remember when I was in my teenage years that I used to put a toothpaste mask on my face because somebody told me that it would cure my acne problems, and I’m also guilty of putting eggs and mayonnaise on my hair because my friends said that it’s effective in making your hair smooth and silky (but I have to tell you that the mixture of eggs and mayo in my hair and on my pillows felt so gross!).

How to Unclog Pores [Comprehensive 2022 Tutorial]

unclog pores

Believe it or not,fruits can help you a lot with unclogging and purging your pores. Fruits are healthy, natural, and organic. They’re known for being rich with vitamins (and minerals) that make us healthy inside and out. Fruits are not only good for keeping our bodies healthy but also for keeping our skin healthy. A lot of fruits are used as ingredients for cleansers, soap, and other face products because they are known to have properties that can make the skin smoother, fairer, glowing, and beautiful.

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes [The 2022 Definitive Guide]

3 Easy Steps to Poof the Puffy Eyes Away

My mother used to tell me that wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. I have always thought about that every time I visit a place or go somewhere else. And it has proven to be very helpful each time. But how can you bring your own sunshine or be a sunshine to anyone you meet when your eyes are clouded with dark circles and puffy eyelids? Instead of sunshine, you might be bringing bad weather to those around you. So when you’re out and about and you need to instantly get rid of those puffy eyes and ugly circles, here are some steps you can do to look your best.

Simple Habits to Promote Deep Wrinkle Repair [Top Tips For 2022]

Important Nutrients for Deep Wrinkle Repair

Unknown to many, deep wrinkle repair is about more than just going to your dermatologist and signing up for a laser treatment or using products that contain the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients regularly. It’s also about practicing simple habits that can promote deep wrinkle repair and prevent other types of skin problems. Here are some of these habits:

Meal Replacement Shakes [The Comprehensive Guide For 2022]

Tricks for Effective Weight Loss with Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

The American Dietetic Association has published a study that shows the effects of meal replacements on adult women. They were divided into two groups. One group received regular meals, while the other group was on meal replacement shakes.

Body Sugar Scrub Recipes: Orange You Glad You Scrubbed With Sugar?

Body Sugar Scrub Recipes: Orange You Glad You Scrubbed With Sugar?

Are you getting bored of doing the same body sugar scrub over and over again? Do you want to spice them up by adding something special? And what if that something special is also sweet, and the scents will make you want to scrub everyday (don’t do that, though; it’s bad for the skin). What if the twist you add is very easy to find—in fact, any excess of it can be eaten? You got it. The best way to make a body sugar scrub sweeter is to add a twist of fruity delight. Next time you go for an all out pampering session, bring some oranges with you.

Yoga For Menstrual Cramps [Comprehensive 2022 Guide]

Relieving Menstrual Cramps

Do you dread your monthly period?Unfortunately, I’m one of those many women who are stressed out just by the thought of my upcoming monthly period. Every month, I go through a stressful cycle and experience extra painful menstrual cramps. Although they say that a little pain during your period is normal, excessive pain isn’t.

Finding People Outside Your Usual Circle With Interracial Dating

dating outside your race

It’s important when you seek out love to remember that race is only one part of what makes a person who they are. While appearances can be important and being one race or another can influence the life you’ve lived, ultimately the person is what matters the most. Using a dating site that respects this … Read more

Fun Ways To Get Into Shape With Spinning

Get Into Shape With Spinning

Spinning is the perfect choice for a calorie burning high-intensity workout. Whether you go to a spinning class or create your own customized home spinning sanctuary with quality equipment from get in wave shape, spinning is the perfect workout. But what do you do when you get bored? Sure, being drenched in sweat and gasping … Read more

This Year’s Best Long-Wearing Makeup

best long wearing makeup

Maybe you’ve been in this less-than-ideal situation: having to go from work to dinner, then dinner to a party, then a party to an after-party – all with no respite. There’s no time to squirrel away in a room with a mirror and make sure your makeup has stayed how it should. It’s stressful, and … Read more

How To Pull Off The Biker Chick Look

biker chick look

Completing the biker chick look is no mean feat. In fact, it’s a difficult challenge, but one any dedicated and awesome female motorcyclist will undoubtedly wish to achieve. The look is achieved with an element of confidence, leather and passion. Of course, there’s the one minor element to achieving this look, which is, of course, … Read more

Top 5 Business Ideas For Newlywed Couples

Business Ideas For Newlywed Couples

So, you’ve finally tied the knot and hit the “start” button on your married life. You’ve decided that you want to be together for the rest of your life, spending every breathing moment together. Only here’s the problem: chances are, at some point, you might have to go for different jobs. The wife will work … Read more

Diamond vs. Morganite: A Comparison Jewelry Guide

morganite vs diamond rings (value and price)

If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry, then you probably considered diamonds. However, these gemstones can be expensive. This is why you need to take into consideration other stones which can shine just as bright as the diamonds. Morganite, for instance, is a great alternative to diamonds because it comes with a … Read more

Dating a Motorcycle Man – What you Should Know


Everyone has their own passion, only some are a bit more extreme and prevalent than others. Motorcyclists, or bikers, definitely fit into that category, which is why dating a motorcycle man comes with a lot of truths you should know. From his way of life to his view of the world, we’ve got you covered … Read more

How to Have Your Best Orgasm

how to have best orgasm

For some women, achieving their climax during intercourse can be an uphill battle especially when compared to men. This remains true even with the score of adult products on the shelves today that are marketed as being those sexual enhancements that are sure to get us ladies going in the bedroom. However, we need not … Read more

Classy Lady Quotes To Inspire Any Woman [Updated For 2022]

Classy Lady Quotes to Inspire You

A lot of people have been asking me lately about my secret when it comes to always staying positive and inspired. What’s my source of inspiration? What’s my secret to overcoming low self esteem?Why don’t I get easily discouraged whenever I face difficult situations? And why do I remain happy even when the odds were never in my favor?

7 Telltale Signs of A Female Midlife Crisis

Telltale Signs of A Female Midlife Crisis

To be clear, a midlife crisis happens not just to women. Men also have their fair share of this event. This article, however, will focus on the midlife crisis that women undergo. It will center more specifically on the things that she will experience if the crisis strikes her. A female midlife crisis is often taken for granted by a lot of people. Most of the time, they give remarks such as, “She’ll get over it eventually” or “It’s just a phase, let her be.” The second statement, albeit quite accepted because a female midlife crisis can be caused by aging, thus, making it really a phase, is also wrong because of “letting her be.” It’s good and well if the woman manifests mild evidence of the crisis, but if she suffers from severe depression because of it, “letting her be” can be quite lethal. Not to mention, a midlife crisis can go on for years.

Are Jeans Casual Wear? [Decoding Dress Codes]

Dressy Casual Attire Jeans or No Jeans

Jeans is one of the apparels that is widely bought, used, and worn by both men and women. It’s one of those wardrobe staples that will never go out of style and that will surely be used for a long time. From flare, to straight cut, to skinny jeans, it’s a piece of clothing that can be certainly used over and over again. From street wear, to casual, to a fashionista outfit, a pair of jeans will always come in handy.

What Is Dressy Casual For Men? [Decoding Dress Codes]

The Best Dressy Casual Attire Ideas for Him and Her

Everyone wants to look good when attending an event. Nobody wants to go through the embarrassment caused by not being properly dressed. This is the reason why we have dress codes – to ensure that we’re neither overdressed nor underdressed. And normally, invitations will state the dress code, which you must faithfully follow. However, not all dress codes are easy to decipher. Sometimes, you need to do a lot of research because of the many dress code categories that we have. For example, there are times When Casual is more than just Casual, so we have categories of casual attire like ordinary casual attire, elegant casual, business casual, and of course dressy casual attire. Here are some of the best dressy casual attire ideas for him and her.

Top 10 Non-Comedogenic Makeup Brands (Non Pore-Clogging Foundation)

Top 10 Non Comedogenic Makeup Products

With the boom of fashion and beauty enhancement in the world today, it’s no wonder that more and more women are using makeup and integrating its usage into their daily routines. With advertisements, social media, and advanced technology, women are also more influenced to use makeup and to accept the idea inculcated by society that a woman’s beauty is more enhanced through the use of makeup.

How to Shrink Pores Naturally During Winter

How to Shrink Pores Naturally During Winter

One of the most common misconceptions about pore enlargement is that this skin problem is less likely to occur during the winter season or the colder months of the year. This is why there are a lot of people who suffer from the aftermath of this skin problem during these months, which may include breakouts and oilier skin. Hence, it’s important to learn how to shrink pores naturally during the winter season. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Dressy Casual Attire Do’s and Don’ts for Women [Essential Tips]

Dress Codes Dressy Casual Attire Do’s and Don’ts for Women

Following dress codes ensures that we’re dressed just right for a specific occasion. But sometimes, following the required dress code, especially if it’s your first time dressing for that particular dress code, can be both tricky and challenging. This would be harder if you really don’t have any idea of what or what not to wear.

Dressy Casual: The Difference Between Smart Casual and Business Casual

The difference between Casual, Business Casual, Smart Casual, and Dressy Casual Attire

As if deciphering dress codes isn’t confusing enough, it has been made all the more tricky with the advent of dress codes like business casual, smart casual, and dressy casual attire. While decades ago, people’s dress code vocabulary was limited to white tie, black tie, formal, strict formal, casual, and business attire, today, we have many dress codes in need of decoding, like business casual, smart casual, and dressy casual attire.

10 Tips on How to Resolve Resentment in Romantic Relationships

10 Tips on How to Resolve Resentment in Romantic Relationships

Alot of people dread harboring any resentful feelings toward their partner. This is because resentment is a very destructive feeling that can cause the breakup of even the most stable or romantic partners. However, there are times wherein feeling resentful toward your loved one is unavoidable. When this happens, your best shot at saving your relationship is to know how to deal with this feeling and resolve resentment. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Tips on Avoiding Indifference

Tips on Avoiding Indifference

Even though some relationship experts and psychologists argue that indifference can solve the relationship woes of certain couples, they are greatly outnumbered by experts who believe otherwise. This is why it’s better to learn how to avoid indifference than to actually cultivate it in order to save a relationship. Here are some tips on how to avoid indifference.

How to Rebuild Self Confidence [5 Simple Ways]

How to Rebuild Self Confidence

There are certain situations in your life when your self confidence becomes shattered. You may have lost your job, gone through a breakup or divorce, or failed an exam. During these times, you may feel like you’re a failure and it’s impossible to have faith in yourself.self confidence is essential for you to survive in today’s highly competitive world. You may have lost your self-esteem,but with focus and determination, you can restore it little by little. How exactly do you gain it back?

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Do you always doubt yourself, your abilities, or your talents? Do you always feel embarrassed or self-conscious around other people? Don’t you give any value to your accomplishments, downplaying them all the time or attributing them to other circumstances? If you think that you’re not good enough, you may be suffering from low self esteem. Having a poor self-image prevents you from being the best version of yourself. You may not be able to reach your full potential because you think that you’re not smart enough or competent enough. How do you get past these negative thoughts and emotions.

How to Use Clay Masks Properly

How to Use a Clay Mask Properly

Clay masks appear to be the easiest skin care products to use at first blush. Take, for example, the Aztec Clay Mask. Since it’s among the particularly effective clay masks currently available on the market, there are those who’d assume that all they have to do is apply it onto their faces to enjoy its benefits of skin care. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but there’s more to using these skin care products properly than rubbing them onto your face.

Bentonite Clay Uses: Calamine Lotion

Bentonite Clay Uses DIY Calamine Lotion

Roughing it’s one of the best ways to spend a vacation. Immersing yourself in the great outdoors is the only way to enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor. To make sure the trip turns out great, one must bring a complete first aid kit. No matter how careful he is, there’s no guaranteeing that the unknown won’t leave him alone. For instance, you might brush against some poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, causing you to break out in terrible rashes. If you forgot to bring a treatment for skin irritation, your trip will be ruined. An over-the-counter treatment for skin irritation is calamine lotion. This topical medication is available at most local stores, come in small, plastic, screw-top bottles, and is affordable (e.g., a 6 oz bottle of the lotion costs, more or less, $8.00). But wouldn’t it be better to make some calamine lotion yourself? If you think so, too, you could, by way of bentonite clay.

Midlife Crisis: Men vs. Women

Midlife Crisis: Men vs. Women

A female midlife crisis was uncommon before. Why? Well, it’s because the crisis often affects men, and not the feminine population. That has changed though, especially since there was a drastic change in the roles of women several decades ago.

Aztec Clay Mask For Acne

Aztec Clay Mask Made Specifically to Help Prevent Acne

Clay is a natural substance that may be used for various purposes. There are clays that may be turned into pottery, clays that may be ingested to treat certain illnesses, clays that may be applied onto the skin to treat certain skin conditions, and clays that may be turned into skin care products (e.g., Aztec Clay Mask). We don’t know who first rubbed clay onto his skin and discovered its healing qualities, but we’re sure women the world over couldn’t be happier for his bravery. But do we all know how the clay masks we use work? We doubt it. As long as yours keeps your face blemish-free, it’s likely that you wouldn’t bother learning how it works, would you? While there’s no need to worry about an effective skin care product, we believe it would be best for you to learn how it works. Having such knowledge will enable you to find a more suitable skin care product if you ever decide to replace yours.

The Importance of Having a Stable Job – Benefits of Job Security

Benefits of Job Security

Having a stable job or career is important if you want to become an independent woman. If you’ve a stable job, you won’t have to embarrass yourself from always asking your parents, friends, and other people for help. You can also buy anything you want, spend in whatever way you would like to spend, and live and shape your life the way you want it to be.

Fat Blasting Smoothie Recipes: Avocado-Pomegranate Smoothie

It’s possible that you haven’t yet heard of a healthy smoothie recipe that calls for both avocado and pomegranate. Believe it or not, both fruits have certain properties that are good for us all. As such, there are now many fat blasting smoothie recipes published online that call for both these fruits.

Zox Pro Training – Zoxing Your Brain to Improve Your Life

Zox Pro Training - Zoxing Your Brain to Improve Your Life

If you ask 25 people in one room if they would like to be smarter, how many of them do you think would say yes? Everyone in that room would probably look at you like you’re nuts because that question should not be asked in the first place—everyone wants to be smarter. Being smart means you’ve an advantage not just against competitors but also against uncertain situations. While the people around you’ll tell you that intelligence is hereditary, it doesn’t mean you’ve to stay average forever. What would you do if you could train your mind to become a genius? And no, there’s no genetic manipulation required, just training, pure and simple. You’d grab the opportunity, right? Well then, you’ll be grabbing Zox Pro Training – Genius Brain Power because that’s what it promises—for you to become a genius.

Glutathione Enema For Skin Lightening [2020 Tips]

What Are The Benefits of Coffee Enemas That Make it the Newest Craze in Town

You wake up each day and smell coffee brewing; your senses will fire up. You drink it and you become instantly ready to face the day. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that coffee is full of antioxidants. It protects you from diseases because it increases your resistance. It can even fight off the signs of aging! Now that coffee comes in different flavors and forms (brewed and instant, hot and iced), you’ll never run out of choices! But what is that intriguing gossip you keep hearing among your friends? They are asking each other to not drink coffee, but instead use it for an enema?! What are the benefits of coffee enemas that make it the newest craze in town?

Magic Derma Wand for Instant Beauty

Magic Derma Wand for Instant Beauty

How great would it be if you could turn back the hands of time with just a wave of a wand? It’s not that you’re not satisfied with how things are panning out in your life; in fact, you definitely are. If only you could get the same old beauty to match your happy and content lifestyle.

Guide to Becoming Miss Independent

Guide to Becoming Miss Independent

He broke your heart. He left you stuck with paying the monthly rent and the big screen television that you didn’t even want to purchase in the first place. What do you do now? You’re now a certified single woman who has no idea how to move on with life and recover from a separation. Becoming a single woman isn’t something that women predict ahead of time in order for them to prepare for its incoming impact; it just happens. Although a few women admit to noticing early signs that their relationship isn’t the same as it used to be, no woman is ever prepared for the emotional changes that undergo when they are detached from someone that they once loved. For those newly single women out there who still have many lingering thoughts and questions about what life is like after becoming single, here’s a simple guide to help you in becoming Miss Independent.

How To Prepare A Job Interview

How To Exude Confidence At A Job Interview

As soon as you walk into the room for the interview, a conclusion is made about who you’re and what you’re like. The majority of the impression that lasts is based on how you exude confidence, what you look like, and the manner of the way you speak. When you’re unprepared and nervous, unconsciously, your body language gives away how you’re feeling. And you end up looking less confident and authoritative. It’s normal to be nervous for a job interview; it happens to the best of us. So here are tips on how to exude confidence at a job interview:

Vegetarian Meal Plan: 1,200 Is The Magic Number [Lacto and Vegan Too!]

Vegetarian Meal Plan 1,200 is the magic (calorie) number

Diet regimens are now evolving. Back then, when a person wanted to lose weight, he or she would have had to be subjected to a very restrictive diet. What does that mean? It means that you had to restrain yourself when the thoughts of eating sweets and carbs hit you. Now, though, there’s something to be thankful about.

Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss: The Craze For Colonics

Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss The Craze For Colonics

The function of the colon is pretty simple– to absorb the nutrients not accommodated by the small intestine, and to expel the waste products not needed by the body. The problem is when the colon becomes incapable of doing that function. You should understand that the colon isn’t always at its best. When you pass stool, some of the waste matters are imbedded in the corners and the walls of the large intestine. If they stay there for long, the chances that they will be reabsorbed in the blood becomes high. When these toxic matters are reabsorbed, illnesses ensue. So the principle of colon hydrotherapy is to clean the colon, making the chances of waste matter reabsorption slim.

How to Spot a Shy Type

How to Spot a Shy Type

Shy people may not be able to talk loudly in public, but they have a unique way to be noticeable. Being a little shy is cute, but taking your shyness to the extreme is no good at all; it’s actually unhealthy. That’s why the majority of shy types are willing to take chances just to get a dose of confidence for self-improvement.

Prunes: An Effective Natural Laxative For Weight Loss

Prunes An Effective Natural Laxative For Weight Loss

You’d likely start imagining old people in pajamas, furry slippers, robes, or shorts upon the mention of prunes. No surprise there, since dried plums are among the most common food items given to the elderly to help them move their bowels. What could be a surprise to you is how useful prunes are to adolescents. For instance, did you know that prunes are among the most effective natural laxatives for weight loss?

Cabbage – An Incredible Laxative for Weight Loss [2022 Update]

How much cabbage do you consume a day? If you aren’t on a diet, our guess is less than you’d like to admit. While this vegetable is an ingredient of almost all salads, it’s found in only a few other dishes. We find this unfortunate, because it’s one of the most effective natural laxatives for weight loss.

Thermogenic Cooking: The Photogenic Diet

Thermogenic Cooking The Photogenic Diet

Thermogenic cooking, or more commonly known as metabolic cooking, is a new diet regimen that aims to let people eat the foods they want, when they want it, without the fear that they will gain weight due to them. Its popularity has skyrocketed since the first time it was introduced.

What Every Woman Must Learn before reaching 30

What Every Woman Must Learn before reaching 30

Every woman must go through the advantages of being in their 30s. Being in our 30s means a lot to every woman. One reason being that this means embracing another decade added to your life, while another is that it indicates our formal entry into complete, absolute womanhood and adulthood.

5 Attitudes that can make a Woman more Beautiful

5 Attitudes that can make a Woman more Beautiful

So how can we shape our inner beauty? Well, we don’t need to buy a lot of beauty products for one thing, since our inner beauty doesn’t need make-up; all we need to do is just nurture and embrace the following attitudes for a better and more beautiful inner you:

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