How to Manage Grief in a Healthy Way

The loss of someone or something particularly precious or cherished almost always triggers grief. Grief is traditionally associated with the loss of a loved one. This is, in fact, a widespread source of grief. However, any big loss might cause grief. In other words, grieving does not have to be about death or include another … Read more

Consider This Before Buying Your Next Apartment [Top 8 for 2022]

Your lease is almost up, but you’re not ready to buy a home. There are plenty of reasons to remain a renter and continue to enjoy the freedoms that come with leasing a living space. The only problem is that you want to move. Use this guide to learn about eight things you should consider … Read more

7 Parenting Hacks You Should Know About Future Planning [in 2022 and Beyond]

Parenting involves a lot of thinking. You ruminate about your kids, chores, running errands, and of course, the future. Every future parent has their world turned upside down, in a good way, of course, when kids come into the picture. Instead of thinking about yourself, you put your children’s needs first and are primarily concerned … Read more

How Women Can Support Their Mental Health [in 2022]

No matter who you are, supporting your mental health is an important part of self care. Whether you’re looking to support your thriving mental health situation even more with a bit of a boost, or you find yourself struggling and you need a helping hand, there are so many methods and techniques you can use … Read more

9 Tips for Women Living Alone

Living alone means never having to share the remote control. It can also foster a sense of independence and agency that’s tough to beat.  However, not having anyone else to rely on requires you to take some extra precautions — or find yourself dealing with unpleasant situations. Here are nine tips for women living alone … Read more

Online Dating Challenges [Top 10 Tips for 2022]

how to start off a conversation with a guy over text

Online dating is so popular it’s overtaking most singles’ lives! Why? Because it works – people do meet each other online and even get married. I met my husband on one of those sites, and we will be married two years this September. Butt, to stay safe and avoid making regrettable mistakes, there are a few … Read more

Dating for the Mature Lady in 2022

If you are a woman of a certain age looking to find love and companionship, then you are one of many older ladies looking to light a fire that had always burned so bright. Love is not just for youngsters; love is for everyone – regardless of your age and/or situation. Needless to say, the … Read more

What to Look For in a Long-Term Partner

So, you’ve been single for a while, have been on the dating scene, have been working on your interior yourself and your needs, and are finally ready to find a partner that you can see a future with. We know what you’re thinking — easier said than done. And sure, dating can be brutal nowadays. … Read more

The Art of Flirting: 5 Tips to Get What You Want

The Art of Flirting: 5 Tips to Get What You Want

Now ladies, I know you’ve done it before. You can admit it. There’s no shame in flirting a little just to get what you want. I must say, most women really do have a natural talent for being playful just to lure their target into giving in, but for the other majority of women who’ve no clue on how to flirt, there’s still hope to master the art of flirting .

Dating After a Long-Term Relationship [How To Do It Best In 2022]

Dating After a Long Term Relationship: Dealing with Emotional Baggage

Contrary to what most people believe, having emotional baggage doesn’t mean that dating after a long term relationship is no longer possible. It just means that you’ve to take extra steps before getting back out there in order to make sure that your emotional baggage is dealt with properly and that it doesn’t affect your new relationships. Here are some of the ways to deal with emotional baggage before dating again.

Conversation Starters with Your Boyfriend [Top Tips That Work For 2022]

Conversation Starters with Your Boyfriend for Introvert

The early stages of a relationship are usually the most exciting and difficult since this is the point in which couples are starting to learn more about each other and adjust to each other’s flaws. These stages can be twice as hard for an introvert and extrovert who are trying to make it work because of the vast differences in their personalities. However, this doesn’t mean that all introvert-extrovert relationships are doomed to fail. One way to avoid a breakup at this point in the relationship is to know how to strike up a conversation with an introvert. Here are some tips on how to find conversation starters with your boyfriend or partner who happens to be an introvert.

Conversation Starters With Your Crush [Top 5 For 2022]

Top 5 Conversation Starters With Your Crush

Few things give us the butterflies more than talking to our crushes. You can be the most confident, talkative person in the room and find yourself with nothing to say once your crush is involved. But worry not. There are a few things that can save you from foggy-headed, tongue-tied embarrassment. Having a couple of topics on hand to ease your mind and make talking smoother is never a bad thing. Here are a few conversation starters that are almost guaranteed to make talking to your crush easier.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend [Escaping The Friend Zone]

Falling in love with someone is a wonderful thing; however, being in love with a good friend, especially with your best friend, can prove to be a not-so-easy situation. Of course, aside from the courage that you need in order for you to tell your friend about your feelings, you also have to be ready to deal with all of the consequences and the repercussions of escaping the friend zone. This is because not all bff-to-bf transitions have a happy ending. There are only two results if you ever choose to be more than just friends: it’ll either work out in the end, or not.

Relationship Deal Breakers [The Definitive Guide – Updated For 2022]

bad habits of guys

You may think that all relationship deal breakers are about loss of affection or unfaithfulness. Some are actually bad lifestyle choices and bad habits of guys that just can’t be endured in the long run. Watch out for any of these bad habits of guys that are major relationship deal breakers. You may not notice them at first, but their ugly heads are sure to show up if you wait long enough. Then you either wait a while longer to see if anything changes, or you flee the scene before you’re hurt.

Why It’s Important to Learn How to Forgive Yourself for Cheating

Why It’s Important to Learn How to Forgive Yourself for Cheating

Having a relationship is, to put it lightly, complicated. It’s like having a baby. The couple should help each other with making their relationship work. Doing so includes managing its several aspects. Mismanaging one aspect could make their whole relationship fail. When it does, the man might cheat on the woman, she might cheat on him, or they might cheat on each other. If you’ve become unfaithful before, it’s likely that you haven’t yet really owned up to your mistake. No matter what your reason was for doing it, you should learn how to forgive yourself for cheating.

The Mechanics & Signs of a Rebound Relationship

The Mechanics of a Rebound Relationship

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to make a commitment work, it’s just not meant to be. It will be a frustrating feat, and no one will blame the more involved and more committed party if he or she cannot let the relationship go. After all, no matter how much you say that what you did (and gave, for that matter) is all in the name of love, investments will make you feel like you need to get something in return, and that is a fruitful, happy commitment. If you don’t get it, should you consider a rebound?

Healthy Dating: The Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurvedic dating

Relationships are as challenging as they are rewarding, that’s a fact. Keeping a partnership healthy requires overcoming insurmountable differences at times. However, if you’re committed to each other, you’ll find a way to make it work and the concept of Ayurveda dating just might help you do that! Ayurvedic medicine takes a holistic approach to … Read more

5 Tips For Dating a Golfer

Tips For Dating a Golfer

Golf doesn’t seem to be a very exciting game even for beginners, but according to, women prefer men who play golf. Golf is the ultimate gentleman’s game, and women crave a gentleman. Golf is also a social game and one rarely plays alone, so golfers tend to enjoy social situations and have people skills. Golfers … Read more

5 Advantages of Using your Feminine Wiles

advantages of Using Your Feminine Wiles

Josh Billings couldn’t have said it any better. Indeed, women, for many years, have been influencing men. From the ancient world to the modern times, women are known for having this mysterious power over men. Whether men like it or not, the truth is that women do influence men and women do have an explainable and somewhat mystical power over men.

Do You Have to Be Attractive To Use Feminine Wiles?

use feminine wiles

It’s no longer a secret that women, in one way or another, do influence men in a number of ways. One way that women do this is through the use of our feminine wiles. Depending on the kind of man, a woman’s influence can be from just little and simple things to even major ones. Whether we like it or not, there’s a mystical power that women have over men.

New Status Update – In a Pseudo Relationship

New Status Update - In a Pseudo Relationship

In this new generation where social networking is the latest trend everybody is into, there’s also a new status update that is probably going to be part of your options to choose from soon. Being in a pseudo relationship means that you’re in a relationship but not a real one. This kind of relationship may differ for a lot of people, depending on what was verbally agreed on or what both mutually understood without the actual conversation.

Flirty One-Liners To Say To Guys [Best For 2022]

The modern woman is increasingly becoming more independent and sure of herself. She knows what she wants, and she sure knows how to get it! Dating men is no exception. While a more conservative lady waits for the man to make the first move, the majority of today’s women don’t mind approaching the guys first and making their intentions known.When a woman goes out with her friends to a party or a bar for a night of fun, it’s inevitable that she will meet the man of her dreams. One of the best ways to get the conversation going is to say flirty one liners. These icebreakers, when delivered the right way and at the right opportunity, are definitely an interesting way to start the night. If taken by the guy in the proper context, these lines can lead to future dates and happier times ahead. So if you’re a smart, confident woman and you’re ready to get your perfect match, here are some effective, flirty one liners that you can say to a guy you’re interested in.

Telltale Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Signs of rebound relationship - Independent Femme

Do you’ve fallen in love with the coolest dude you’ve ever met in your life. And you’ve already started dreaming about your future and how you can make it even better. Well, until you find out your partner has just exited from a relationship and has immediately taken interest in the romance between the two of you. You must be going crazy trying to figure out if you’re in a rebound relationship. So how do you know if you’re only filling in the emptiness and pain from your partner’s recent breakup? Here are some rebound relationship signs that might help you figure out your next move.

When and How to Use Your Feminine Wiles [Our Top Tips]

When and How to use your Feminine Wiles

Have you ever fancied that things would turn out much easier for you? Have you ever wanted to have things your way without even using ultimatums and going through a fight with your man? Have you ever wished that the universe would be less unsympathetic and more favorable to you? Do you want to put more spark and playfulness in your dates or in your relationship? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it’s time for you to embrace your femininity and put your charms to good use.

5 Ways a Sensual Massage Can Rouse Your Better Half’s Pleasure Triggers

5 Ways a Sensual Massage Can Rouse Your Better Half’s Pleasure Triggers

Whether we admit it or not, what most (if not all) of us really know about how to sexually please our better halves ranges between little to next to nothing. Indeed, sex is likely the only way we know how. Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that having an orgasm is the only sexually gratifying act, which is normally achieved by way of sex. But it would be most beneficial for all of us to know that there are several ways of stimulating our better halves’ pleasure triggers that can be quite gratifying for them—even more so than sex. Having a sensual massage is one such way.

Common Problems with Long Term Relationships

common relationship problems

One of the most common misconceptions about couples who’ve been together for a long time is that their relationship is flawless and unmarred by problems. What most people don’t realize is that these couples can suffer from serious problems that can often directly cause a breakup or worse, a long and unhappy long term relationship. This is why it’s a good idea to know more about the common problems that can be quite unique to those who are in long term relationships in order for them to be resolved. Here are some of these problems.

Tips on Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins in Marriage

Tips on Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins in Marriage

For many relationship experts and family court lawyers, one of the best ways to avoid divorce is to avoid the seven deadly sins in marriage. These deadly sins include common behavioral problems such as envy, sloth or indifference, and pride, which are also the issues for many unmarried couples. This just goes to show that these deadly sins can wreak havoc in any type of relationship. This is why it’s important to learn how to avoid these sins. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

8 Steps on How to Avoid Infidelity

8 Steps on How to Avoid Infidelity

According to certain studies, there’s a 6% chance that an average romantic relationship, regardless of its length or depth, can suffer from infidelity either from one or both sides of the party. However, this number can grow up to 25% over time, especially if the relationship is in a downward spiral. This means that the chances of infidelity or even adultery can be increased or reduced. This is why knowing how to avoid infidelity, which can lower the chances of cheating, is a must for all married and unmarried couples. Here are ten steps on how to avoid infidelity.

Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Rebound Relationship [Can You Turn It Into Love?]

A rebound relationship is one that happens shortly after a breakup. The majority of these relationships occur in an effort to “take back” what was lost in a commitment where much has been invested. In other words, if you were given a choice between the previous and the rebound, you’ll choose your previous lover in a heartbeat.

Questions to Ask a Potential Boyfriend before Sex

Questions to Ask a Potential Boyfriend before Sex

The more you get to know your potential boyfriend and the longer you spend time with each other, the more intimate you’ll also become. It’s purely natural that as you progress in your relationship, you’ll feel more comfortable with each other and more personal and closer with each other. It’s also expected that one thing can lead to another as the more intimate both of you become, and sooner or later, you’ll just find yourself sleeping with him (or her) and letting him enter into another aspect of your life.

11 Questions to Ask Your Crush

Questions to Ask Your Crush

Starting up a conversation is never easy. It can be even harder when the conversation is with someone you’ve a crush on. But never fear. There are a lot of things you can do to ease that tension. Here are 32 conversation starters — in question forms.

Top 20 Ways To Turn On Your Man

Top 20 Ways To Turn On Your Man

There are countless ways to get your man ‘excited’ in the bedroom. While men from all ages and different backgrounds have varied preferences as to what is hot and sexy, below are some of the tried and tested sure-fire ways to turn on your man.

Feminine Wiles – When And When Not To Use Them

Feminine Wiles What Are They

Whenever I hear such a question being asked, especially by women, I can’t help but think how unfortunate it’s for a woman to not know anything about it. This is because it’s something that, if properly used, can really make a woman’s life much easier and better.

5 Warning Signs That Your Date is Not Into You

Warning signs that your date is not into you

Dating may seem like an easy thing to do; you go out, have dinner, talk, laugh, get to know each other, and at the end of the night he takes you home. What people forget to mention is what happens afterwards, what do you do after the date has ended? How do you know if you’ll have a second date? What happens now?

How to Attract Men at Work

office romance

When you’re too busy writing a report, sending out emails or encoding data into the computer, you might miss out on the opportunity to take a look around and discover that there are plenty of young, attractive men in your workplace that could possibly become your future boyfriend. How can you take advantage of this opportunity? How can you attract men at work? It all begins with your appearance.

5 Rules to Dating for Single Women

rules to dating

When it comes to dating, a majority of women usually end up disappointed or on the verge of giving up looking for Mr. Right forever. Why is that? Well, it seems that when women step out into the dating world we like to invest all our heart and emotions on a guy whom we aren’t really sure is the right one for us, which results in being hopeless and heartbroken. You know what ladies? It’s time for a change. Before you venture into dating again, live by these five rules to dating for single women so that you can be prepared to search for a man who will treat you like a queen.

Why You Should Date a Guy Who Reads

date a guy who reads

There have already been countless entries on this subject—some of them mushy, some quite serious, some rather silly—but they prove only one thing: really, and if it’s not too obvious yet, you should date a guy who reads. Specifically, books. More specifically, fiction. A guy who frequents a bookstore and scours every nook of it. A guy who visits the bargain bin more often than the supermarket. A guy who uses his credit card not for clothes and shoes but for classics and translated books. A guy who has more fictional friends than actual friends. A guy who reads on the train because he wants to finish a suspense thriller or a love story. A guy who would rather lie in bed to read than to…eat.

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